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Planning Permit Applications

Download the latest form by selecting the link below. You may now complete the application using Adobe Acrobat, print it out and bring it to our office.

Application for Administrative Action

The Administrative Action Application is for the following: Plat Correction, Condominium and Townhouse Plat, Single Family Subdivision & Duplex Subdivision.


This form is required for filing an appeal of a Staff, Design Review Board, or Planning and Environmental Commission action/decision. A complete form and associated requirements must be submitted to the Community Development Department within twenty (20) calendar days of the disputed action/decision.

Home Occupation Permit

A home occupation is a use conducted entirely within a dwelling and is incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling for dwelling purposes. Must be renewed on an annual basis.

Transmittal Form

Use when submitting additional information regarding a current DRB Application, PEC Application or approved building permit. Submit this form only to Once form has been submitted, either bring your revised plans in to our office or submit your revised plans when you receive your ProjectDox invitation.

Developer Improvement Agreements

Developer Improvement Agreement - Cash

Developer Improvement Agreement - Letter of Credit

Contact Info

Chris Neubecker
Planning Manager

Jonathan Spence
Senior Planner

Matt Panfil