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Parking Tips for Skiers in Vail

Parking in Vail this winter is easy and more convenient then ever with a variety of close-in and short-term parking options.

Use these tips to find the parking that's right for you:


Short-term Parking

Short-term parking is also available in the two structures. These spaces are easy to find and are perfect for short-term parking. The short-term parking spaces are located on the top deck of the Vail Village parking structure and on level one of the Lionshead parking structure. Cash and credit cards (Visa/ MasterCard) are accepted. The short-term parking option allows users to enter and exit the parking structures with ease. Available seven days a week.

Park Close All Day for $25 in Vail Village and Lionshead Structures

Approximately 2,500 close-in parking spaces are available at Vail's two parking garages. The parking spaces, 1,800 of them covered, allow skiers and snowboarders quick and easy access to Vail Mountain via the Gondola One ski lift in Vail Village, Eagle Bahn Gondola in Lionshead or Riva Bahn ski lift at Golden Peak. The $25 all day rate is good seven days a week for a 24-hour time period, which begins when entering the structure. Cash and credit cards (Visa/ MasterCard) are accepted.

Frontage Road Parking Availability

The Frontage Road will be used as overflow parking when all other lots are filled. Please refer to the variable message signs located at the main Vail off ramps (exit 176) to make sure the overflow parking option is legally available upon your arrival. Hosts at the parking garages will be on hand to advise you about available parking options. Once the Frontage Road has been released for overflow use, park on the I-70 (north) side of the roadway, leaving as much shoulder area as possible for your safety; avoid blocking driveways; and leave plenty of space, as much as 50 feet, at intersections. Perimeters on the Frontage Road which prohibit parking will be clearly marked. During overflow situations, this parking is free and available until 11 p.m.

Free Outlying Parking - 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

All areas listed below are serviced by the existing Town of Vail transportation system. Bus frequency varies from 15 minutes during peak times to 1 hour during non-peak times.

  • Red Sandstone Park, 15 spaces. Available 7 days a week starting Jan. 1.
  • North Frontage Road in West Vail, across from West Vail Mall, 70 spaces. Available 7 days a week. For directions, call (970) 479-2104.
  • North Frontage Road in West Vail, west of west Vail roundabout, 100 spaces. Available Fri., Sat. and Sun. only.

Additional trailhead parking available daily at Gore Creek Trailhead, East Vail Interchange Trailhead, Pitkin Creek Trailhead, Booth Falls Trailhead, North Trail Spraddle Creek Trailhead, North Trail Red Sandstone Creek Trailhead, North Trail Buffehr Creek Trailhead and North Trail Davos Trailhead. Parking availability at trailhead is limited and some spaces are restricted to three-hour trailhead use.

Donovan Park - 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Free parking is available at Donovan Park, located at 1600 South Frontage Rd., with 90 spaces on days when the pavilion isn’t in use. A sign will be used at the park’s entrance to indicate availability each day. The parking area is serviced by the Matterhorn bus stop, which is located west of the park at the intersection of Matterhorn Circle and West Gore Creek Drive. The West Vail Red transit line services this bus stop to the Lionshead base area with service on the hour and half hour. Parking availability will be updated regularly on vaileventparking.com.

Convert Your Day-Trip to an Overnight Stay

Keep an eye on the weather while you're here and consider staying overnight if driving conditions are unsafe. Many of Vail's lodges offer discounted rates during Vail pass closures along I-70. To keep track of local road conditions, call (970) 479-2226. For statewide road conditions, call toll free 1-877-315-7623. Also, watch Channel 10, town-sponsored cable television, which features real time traffic and weather conditions using live video footage from cameras positioned along the I-70 corridor.

Arrive the Night Before and Avoid I-70 Traffic Delays

For a more enjoyable trip, book an overnight stay in Vail and leave the in-town driving to Vail, home of the nation's largest free transit system. Discounted lodging is available at vailonsale.com.

Oversize Vehicles

  • Vail Village: The height of the Vail Village parking structure entrance is 7’4”. Vehicles that are 7’4” or higher can park on the 4th level of the Vail Village parking structure or on the top level of the Lionshead parking structure. No overnight parking. Vehicles cannot exceed 19 feet in length.
  • Lionshead: The height of the Lionshead parking structure entrance is 7’. Vehicles that are 7’ or higher can park on the top level of the Lionhead parking structure or on the 4th level of the Vail Village parking structure. No overnight parking. Vehicles cannot exceed 19 feet in length.

RVs and other over-size vehicles that do not fit in the parking structures can park in the Charter Bus Lot east of the Lionshead parking structure. There is a $25 charge for RVs and other oversize vehicles using this lot. Charter bus parking will is free.

Contact Info

Joyce Rihanek
Vail Transit

Please call 970-479-2445 after hours. 

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24 Hour Bus Information:

  • Phone: 970-477-3456