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Regular Municipal Election November 3, 2015 Official Results

Final Certified Election Results
The Vail Town Clerk’s Office has released an official statement of election results today as the last of the overseas and active military ballots have been included in the count.  The revised totals reflect Dick Cleveland as the winner of the fourth seat on the council. The final counts are as follows:

Kim Langmaid  627 votes             
four-year term ends 2019 
Jen Mason 463 votes four-year term ends 2019
Kevin Foley  440 votes four-year term ends 2019
Dick Cleveland 410 votes two-year term ends 2017
Ludwig “Ludi” Kurz* 406 votes*  
Dorothy “Doe” Browning            
288 votes  
Mark Christie 259 votes


The final election results include a total of 863 votes cast – 21.5% percent voter turnout based on 4,012 registered voters.  There were 543 who voted at the polls and another 320 who voted by absentee ballot.  Of 55 overseas and active military ballots mailed, there were 9 ballots counted.  The swearing-in ceremony for new council members will take place at noon Tuesday, Nov. 17 in the Council Chambers at the Vail Municipal Building; the public is invited to attend as a community reception will be held to welcome the new members.

The three candidates receiving the highest number of votes in the regular election will serve four-year terms, while the fourth highest vote-getter will serve a two-year term.  Vail council members receive a salary of $625 per month and the mayor receives a $1,000 monthly salary. The mayor and mayor pro-tem are elected from among the council members and each serves a two-year term.  To be eligible to run in the upcoming Vail Town Council election, candidates must:

  • Be a citizen of the U.S.
  • Be a registered voter within Vail
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a Vail resident for two years immediately preceding the election  

The Town of Vail’s elections are governed by Colorado Municipal Election laws, except as otherwise provided by Town Charter or by ordinance hereafter enacted.  The regular municipal election is held every two years on the first Tuesday in November in odd-numbered years.  All Vail municipal elections are non-partisan where candidates are elected without consideration of political affiliation. 


Form of Government and Council

The town shall have all the powers of local self-government and home rule and all power possible under the constitution and the laws of the state of Colorado and Charter. The municipal government provided by this charter shall be known as council-manager government. The legislative affairs of the town shall be vested in a council consisting of seven (7) council members, all of whom shall be nominated and elected at large from the town. The mayor shall be elected from the duly elected council by a majority vote at its first organizational meeting to be held within seven (7) days from the election, and shall serve at the pleasure of the council for a two-year term. The terms of office for council members shall be four (4) years provided, however, that no council member shall serve for more than eight (8) consecutive years. For more detailed information about the terms and qualifications for office, see the town’s charter.


Other Elections

Eagle County Coordinated Mail Ballot Election
In addition to the Town of Vail Regular Municipal at-the-polls (polling place) Election on Nov. 3, Eagle County will mail a separate ballot for any Eagle County, state or special district elections. All county elections in Colorado are now automatically mail ballot elections, so all registered voters in Eagle County will receive a mail ballot for those elections. The Town of Vail Municipal Building will also serve as a ballot drop box location for this mail ballot election. Please contact Eagle County Clerk and Recorders Office at 970-328-8715 with questions about the mail ballot election

Other Municipal Elections
Elections may also be held at other times. Ballot issues, those which relate to financial matters such as taxes or debt, can be voted on at regular municipal elections, and may also be voted on at the November election held in even-numbered years, known as the statewide general election. Non-financial matters may be voted on in November of both odd and even numbered years in accordance with time-frames set out in state statute and municipal charter and ordinance. Finally, a special election may be held on dates other that those set out above in accordance with state statute and the Vail Municipal Code

For information about elections, contact the Town Clerk's Office, 970-479-2136 or email Patty McKenny at

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