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DRB Applications & Downloads

Applications must be submitted through the Town's online customer portal. If you will be submitting electronic plans/documents for review, you will receive an invitation to upload the information directly to ProjectDox, after your application has been reviewed for completeness. If you are submitting paper plans/documents, please feel free to drop them off at the Community Development Department.


Application - Design Review Board

Required for all applications being submitted for review by the Design Review Board.

Application Fees - Planning

2017 Planning Application Fee Schedule

Submittal Requirements

Each link below provides a list of the required materials for each application type

Additional Resource Forms

Design Review Board Appeals Form

This form is required for filing an appeal of a Staff, Design Review Board, or Planning and Environmental Commission action/decision. A complete form and associated requirements must be submitted to the Community Development Department within twenty calendar days of the disputed action/decision.

DRB Joint Property Owner Letter

Joint property owner sign off is required when applying for any Design Review or Planning and Environmental Applications. This applies to duplex and condominium homeowners.

Transmittal Form

Use when submitting additional information regarding a current DRB Application, PEC Application or approved building permit. Submit this form only to Once form has been submitted, either bring your revised plans in to our office or submit your revised plans when you receive your ProjectDox invitation.

Utility Approval & Verification

This form serves to verify that the proposed improvements will not impact any existing or proposed utility services, and also to verify service availability and location for new construction and should be used in conjunction with preparing your utility plan and scheduling installations. NOTE: This form is attached to the DRB Minor Alteration, DRB New Construction and DRB Addition applications.

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