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DRB Applications & Downloads

You can download a PDF form by selecting a link below. You may now complete the application using Adobe Acrobat, print it and bring it into our offices.


Additions - Residential or Commercial Application

Required for all proposals involving the addition of GRFA (gross residential floor area). This includes proposals for 250 additions and interior conversions.

Design Review Board Appeals Form

This form is required for filing an appeal of a Staff, Design Review Board, or Planning and Environmental Commission action/decision. A complete form and associated requirements must be submitted to the Community Development Department within twenty calendar days of the disputed action/decision.

Change to Approved Plans

This application is needed to change an existing DRB approval.

Conceptual Review

The conceptual review is intended to give the applicant a basic understanding of the compatibility of the proposal with the town's Design Guidelines.

Dead or Diseased Tree Removal

This application is for the removal of dead or diseased trees only. A separate application is required to request live tree removal/replacement in the Town of Vail. This form must be signed by a Town of Vail authorized representative who has inspected the tree(s). To request an inspection, please call Paul Cada , Wildland Coordinator, at 970-477-3475.

DRB Joint Property Owner Letter

Joint property owner sign off is required when applying for any Design Review or Planning and Environmental Applications. This applies to duplex and condominium homeowners.

Exterior Alteration

Required for proposals involving minor exterior alterations and/or site improvements. Proposals to add landscaping do not require DRB approval unless they involve the addtion of patios, water features, grading, or the addition of retaining walls.

New Construction

New construction requires two separate meetings with the Design Review Board: a conceptual review and a final review.

Separation Request

The presence of significant site constraints may permit the physical separation of dwelling units and garages on a site.

Sign Application

Application for any sign that is located within the Town of Vail.

Transmittal Form

Use when submitting additional information regarding a current DRB Application, PEC Application or approved building permit.

Tree Removal Application

The tree removal application is considered a minor exterior alteration and requires approval from the TOV planning department before any trees can be removed.

Utility Approval & Verification

This form serves to verify that the proposed improvements will not impact any existing or proposed utility services, and also to verify service availability and location for new construction and should be used in conjunction with preparing your utility plan and scheduling installations. NOTE: This form is attached to the DRB Minor Alteration, DRB New Construction and DRB Addition applications.

Wildlife Resistant Trash Enclosure

Download the application for Wildlife Resistant Trash Enclosures by using the link below.

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