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Booth Creek Park

  • 2 February 2016

Booth Creek Park, originally constructed in the 1980s, is scheduled for redevelopment beginning in 2015. The 3 acre park site will undergo a complete redesign and reconstruction. The list of amenities for the new park include a double tennis court, playground, picnic shelter, on-street parking, walkways, landscaping and other features. Design for the new park is currently in progress. Community meetings will be scheduled this spring.

Booth Creek Final Design - Design Review Board (DRB) Narrative

Booth Creek Park Design Review Board (DRB) Presentation

December 2 Kids' Playground Design Session

August 4 Final Design Rendering

March 24 Booth Creek Park Design Options Presentation

February 3 Outdoor Fitness Equipment Response

January 7 Outdoor Fitness Equipment Options

December 2 Revised Survey

September 3 Park Elements

September 2 Memo to Town Council

August 5 Memo to Town Council

June 11 Letter from Todd Oppenheimer

May 23 Update Letter from Todd Oppenheimer

May 20   Agenda Item Vail Town Council

April 24 Neighborhood Meeting Results

Preliminary Redevelopment Options

Option 1 – Upgrade Existing Park
Redevelops park facilities in their current locations on the site and adds missing elements such as turf grass, parking and a restroom.

Option 2 – Traditional Neighborhood Park
Similar mix of facilities as Option 1 with the addition of a small picnic shelter and larger restroom. Park facilities are arranged in a more balanced way that is more open to the south.

Option 3 – Sport Courts
A more intensive redevelopment option that focuses on a variety of sport court facilities including tennis, pickleball and bocce (or horseshoes).

Option 4 – Pickleball Courts
Layout similar to Option 2 – Traditional Neighborhood Park with 2 double pickleball courts in place of a single double tennis court.

Option 5 – Nature Walk