Chamonix Property

On 6 January 2009, the Town of Vail adopted the Chamonix Master Plan. The Master Plan calls for the development of 58 dwelling units and a new West Vail Fire Station. The Master Plan identifies a mix of two and three-bedroom units with primary access being taken from Chamonix Road rather than Chamonix Lane. The main road through the property loops through the fire station site to provide two access points for residential traffic and emergency vehicles.

In the spring of 2009 the Town of Vail conducted a market study to better understand the wants and needs of local employee buyers. Based upon the results of this market study Town Council chose not to move forward with further work on the Chamonix Property. Following the success of the Arosa Duplex, the Town Council authorized the expenditure of $50,000 to complete a site engineering and grading plan. Based upon this work, done by Peel/Langenwalter Architects and Martin/Martin Engineers, a draft of a more efficient site plan that meets the goals of the Chamonix Master Plan has been prepared for comment and review.

The draft plan reduces the amount of site work and thus expense, increases the amount of green space on the property and provides the opportunity to easily phase construction. A phase of employee housing development could be as simple as a duplex with two homes or a multi-family unit with eight homes. Market conditions will drive the pace of new home development on the property.

The following plans are considered "works in progress." Town Council will be reviewing these at their October 5, 2010, work session.

Draft - Site Plan Option A


Draft - Site Plan Option B


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