Ever Vail

Ever Vail Development Applications Approved

After nearly five years and more than 80 public meetings, a significant milestone took place December 18, when the Vail Town Council voted to approve the remaining four development applications for the proposed Ever Vail project on a 13-acre site in West Lionshead. Ever Vail is the mixed use development proposed by Vail Resorts Development Co. (VRDC) which was submitted to the town in October 2008. Approval of the development applications allows VRDC to relocate the frontage road, record the final plat and implement the zoning within the next eight years.

The Lionshead Redevelopment Master Plan was amended in 2011 to reflect the Ever Vail mixed use development. The planning document now includes a new hotel site, plans for relocating the South Frontage Road, a new gondola, a public transit center and 400 new public parking spaces within the West Lionshead area. The Lionshead Redevelopment Master Plan was adopted in December 1998 and is the guiding document for redevelopment within the approximately 75-acre Lionshead Redevelopment Master Plan area. 

The timing of the Town Council’s review of the Ever Vail applications follows a decision to suspend negotiation of a development agreement and instead focus on the applications.

The master plan amendment and Ever Vail development applications can be found below.

Supporting Documentation
Staff Memorandum - December 18, 2012 - Ordinance Nos. 7,8 & 9, Series of 2011 and Resolution No. 35, Series of 2012
Staff Memorandum
- December 4, 2012 - includes Ordinance Nos. 7,8 and 9, Series of 2011
Resolution No. 6, Series of 2011 - Amendments to the Lionshead Redevelopment Master Plan
Ever Vail Revised Plans - submitted December 29, 2010
Ever Vail Fiscal Impact Analysis

South Frontage Road Realignment Maps
Proposed 80' R.O.W.
Proposed 110' R.O.W.

For more information, visit www.evervail.com.