Town Clerk

Town Clerk: Patty McKenny, 970-479-2136

[Permits & Licenses] [Election Information] [Legal and Public Notices] [Public Records]

The Vail Town Clerk’s Office is responsible for providing services related to the following items:

  • Town Council meeting notices, agenda preparations and minutes
  • Election administration
  • Open public records requests and official public inquiries
  • Maintain and manages town’s official and legal records, including updates to Vail’s Municipal Code and implementation of records retention schedule
  • Licensing administration related to special events and projects as assigned
  • Administration support for Town Manager & Town Attorney Office
  • Liquor licensing administration
  • Contracts and agreements administration
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax processing

For more information about services provided by the Town Clerk’s Office, please contact Patty McKenny at  970-479-2136 or email at