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The Planning Team is responsible for the town's physical and socioeconomic planning, including development of plans and policies, land use, zoning and environmental review. During the development review process, the team ensures proposed development directs the future of the community toward appropriate physical and economic growth compatible with our natural environment. A strong community engagement component is included in all planning efforts to ensure that the community is informed and involved in all decision-making processes.  

Planning Services

  • Review current planning applications
  • Coordinate the development review process
  • Develop long-range master plans
  • Provide technical assistance and planning information to Town departments, the Town Council, Planning and Environmental Commission and Design Review Board
  • Implement the Sign, Zoning and Subdivision Regulations and the Development Standards Handbook

Current Projects

Vail Valley Medical Center Master Plan

Master Plan adoption revised schedule as outlined in the January 9 letter from the Director of Community Development.

Review Schedule: Pending

  • February 3, 2015 - Presentation to Town Council
    • Road Map for the Town's review of the Master Plan
    • Master Plan by VVMC
    • Summary of PEC recommendation
  • February 17, 2015 - Presentation to Town Council
    • Helipad location and design proposal
  • March 3, 2015 - Presentation to Town Council
    • Parking
    • Building Massing/Architecture
    • Meadow Drive/Streetscape
    • Employee Housing
    • Middle Creek
    • Traffic/Circulation
    • Loading/Delivery Service
    • Land Exchange Considerations
    • Procedural Considerations (zoning, MP land use designations)
  • March 10, 2015 - Final Draft version of Master plan available for public review
  • March 17, 2015 - Request for final decision by Vail Town Council

Public Documents

Chamonix Site Master Plan

Chamonix Site Master Plan presentation to Vail Town Council, February 17, 2015

Vail Village Character Preservation Initiative

On the eve of Vail's 50th anniversary the Town Council and the community have been reflecting on Vail's successes. November 20, 2012, the Town Council requested the Vail Village character preservation initiative identify aspects of the physical character (buildings, landmarks and spaces) of Vail Village. Recent growth in Vail Village, both in size and popularity, has introduced renewed pressures for development, which some feel threatens the unique qualities from which Vail Village's success is derived.

This reflection and desire to maintain Vail's unique character is not new. In August 1973 the Vail Plan was adopted and it identified the need " grow with wisdom...There is a tremendous sense of pride in many of the Vail residents, and awareness that what was once unique can only partially be recaptured but that there is the possibility of creating a recreationally-based community of individuality, beauty and pleasure that can be unique..."

On April 22, staff met with the Planning and Environmental Commission at their public hearing. The goal of the hearing was to identify the spaces and features that make Vail Village special. Spaces discussed included:  the Covered Bridge, Gorsuch Clock Tower, public plazas, pedestrian corridors, decks and patios that have special importance in the unique character of Vail Village.

PEC hearings will include review of the Vail Village Urban Design Guide Plan, specifically where they are applicable today and where it is appropriate to apply them in the future, as well as specific areas of concern or deficiency in the Vail Village Urban Design Guide Plan. The discussions will also include non-conforming buildings and potentially developing options for future redevelopment of these buildings, in ways that maintain or enhance the area’s character.

The Vail Town Council received a progress update at their March 19 meeting.

At the completion of the study-phase a compilation of features that define or contribute to the character of Vail Village will be generated. The Vail Village character preservation initiative will ensure future changes are consistent with the established character and make positive contributions to the quality of the experience.

Ford Park Improvements

 Documents available for download

Click here to download the following Town of Vail maps

Commercial Core Area and Fee-in-Lieu Parking Map
Construction Overview Map
Geologically Sensitive Areas
I-70 Milemarkers
Land Use Map
Open Space Map
Stream Setback Map
Zoning Map

Documents and map products available by contacting the Department of Community Development:

  • Town of Vail Address Map
  • Town of Vail Housing Needs Assessment

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