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65 Max LogoThe Town of Vail is working cooperatively with the Colorado Motor Carriers Association and other agencies to improve safety and reduce noise along I-70 through Vail. Programs such as 65 MAX have been introduced as part of a multi-faceted partnership between the Town of Vail and the Colorado Motor Carriers Association. Click here to review a memorandum of understanding between the two agencies signed in December 2003.

The Town of Vail has identified four areas of focus to mitigate I-70 noise on a short-term and long-term basis: 1) education; 2) enforcement; 3) engineering; and 4) legislation. The following is a list of activities currently underway:

 · As noted, a year-long traffic and noise enforcement program called "65 Max" is underway. 
 · Speed and noise studies were conducted in August 2004 by Hankard Environmental and will be compared with data collected during the spring.
 · Requests have been forwarded to the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration for approval of a temporary noise wall pilot program to occur in the summer of 2005. 
 · At the town's request, the Colorado Department of Transportation has updated  "Noise Ordinance Enforced" signs on I-70 with penalty information.   
 · The Colorado Motor Carriers Association is working with the Colorado State Patrol to launch a "Target Zero" project to expand Vail's traffic enforcement program to other areas along the I-70 corridor and is prepared to initiate an awareness campaign with its membership. 
 · The Colorado Motor Carriers Association has asked for the Town of Vail's assistance in approaching Sen. Jack Taylor to request sponsorship of state legislation that would increase the penalty for failure to maintain or alter a muffler. 
 · Hankard Environmental is currently researching long-term mitigation solutions and will forward recommendations to the Town Council in January.Noise Ordinance Sign

Today, 25 percent of the residences in Vail are impacted by highway noise, exceeding the Federal Highway Administration standard of 66 decibels. The issue of I-70 noise has emerged as a topic of growing concern, affecting not only the quality of life for residents, but the quality of experience for guests. To learn more about the topic, click here.

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