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An Open Letter to the Community from the Vail Town Council

  • 1 October 2019
An Open Letter to the Community from the Vail Town Council
From the Vail Town Council:

For over fifty years, the Town of Vail has appointed residents to serve on various boards and commissions. Oaths are taken to uphold the laws of the Town of Vail, the State of Colorado and the United States of America.

As a community, we are blessed with countless friends and neighbors who volunteer hundreds of hours to serve our community. They do this because they care, just as we all care, about the health and vitality of Vail. There is little compensation for their time and virtually no recognition of their achievements.

Over the years, Vail has faced difficult decisions that have tested the fabric of our community. We have stayed the course by remaining civil and above all maintaining a mutual respect for each other. We are all stewards of this great community.

As Vail Town Council Members, we are deeply concerned by individuals personally attacking appointed board members. We have strict processes in place that maintain a fair and impartial process for all. Upholding the Town of Vail’s codes and ordinances should not lead to personal attacks on our board members or their character.

Just as our community has been challenged with difficult decisions in the past, Vail will face difficult decisions in the future. With many passionate ideas about the correct course of action, we must face these challenges as a community, with civility and respect for all of our neighbors. Having our engaged and passionate community find solutions together is the path we all need to take.
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