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Celebrate a Summer of Murals with Art in Public Places August 13

  • 12 August 2019
Celebrate a Summer of Murals with Art in Public Places August 13

A public reception for summer muralists, sponsored by Art in Public Places, will be taking place from 4:30 to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 13 at Bart & Yeti's in Lionshead. This will include appearances by street artists Pedro Barrios, Jaime Molina, Pat Milbery & So-Gnar Creative Division. Complimentary appetizers will be provided. Please RSVP to to attend.

Public Art Murals

Enjoy the transformation of public spaces by renowned Coloradan artists throughout the summer. These diverse artists will enhance selected pedestrian entrances with their distinctive styles at the Vail Village and Lionshead Parking structures. Share your images on social media #artinvail.


Painting this week – Pat Milbery & So-Gnar Creative Division!

Pat Milbery & So-Gnar Creative Division
Vail Village Parking Structure, Central P1 Entrance
Pat, a former professional snowboarder, is the creator of Denver’s iconic “Love this City” mural campaign.  The colorful palette of Pat’s mural was inspired by and represents the four seasons of Colorado. The powerful imagery of the sun, sky and land are symbolic of our state flag while the nod to Two Elk represents the mountain Pat has enjoyed for decades. The artist’s energy transcends into the mural breathing playful life into an otherwise ordinary space.


Pedro Barrios & Jaime Molina
Lionshead Parking Structure, East P1 Entrance
Complementing each other’s style by infusing abstract forms with the figurative, Pedro & Jaime began working as a collaborative in 2012. Surrounded by a vibrant palette of abstraction, the faces are connected by the layers of this colorful quilt. The figures, whose identity is left open for interpretation, may represent family members, friends, ancestors, or even strangers. Regardless of their relationship, the artists convey we are all connected by the commonality of humankind in their mural. The eyes are closed not only creating a sense of mystery, but also a peaceful and meditative state.

Kelsey Montague
Vail Village Parking Structure, West P2 Entrance
Kelsey, who is a fourth generation Coloradan, was inspired by her visits to the mountains throughout her youth. Bursting with colorful flowers and lively butterflies holding three swings, the mural welcomes you to Vail as you exit the structure. Tucked within the imagery a columbine, Colorado's state flower, and a hummingbird greet you anticipating what nature awaits. Her interactive murals around the world invite you to become part of the work. This public art engagement furthers the positive messaging in her #WhatLiftsYou social media campaign.


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