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Chamonix Vail Townhome Resale Lottery Applicants Finalized

  • 3 June 2019

A resale lottery for a Chamonix Vail townhome, located at 2315 Lower Traverse Way, Unit B, in West Vail, will take place at 5 p.m. on Monday, June 3 in the Town of Vail Council Chambers. This is a 1,581 sq. ft. 3-bedroom, 3-bath with a 2-car garage with a maximum resale price of $613,461. Applications were due May 30.

Following the application process, 2 applicants were awarded 1 ticket for each qualifying category listed below.

  • Meet minimum lottery participation criteria = 1 lottery ticket
  • Vail resident = 1 lottery ticket
  • Vail resident for equal to or greater than 5 years = 1 lottery ticket
  • Employed in Vail = 1 lottery ticket
  • Employed in Vail for equal to or greater than 5 years =1 lottery ticket

 Maximum Total: 5 lottery tickets

A total of 8 tickets were awarded to the 2 applicants listed below.

Applicants Tickets Awarded
Kim Dilling
Mary McDougall


The town has facilitated creation of 114 owner-occupied housing units since 1995. This includes 53 at Vail Commons, 18 homes at Red Sandstone Creek, 3 "buy-down homes," 6 homes at North Trail Townhomes, 2 attached single family homes at Arosa Drive and 32 townhomes at Chamonix Vail.  Any new homes built or bought by the town will be sold through a separate lottery.

For more information on Vail's housing programs, contact Lynne Campbell, Town of Vail housing coordinator, at or 970-479-2150.



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