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Clubhouse Remodel to DRB April 1

  • 24 March 2015
A Design Review Board application was submitted on Monday, March 23 to the Town of Vail Community Development Department by the project team responsible for next steps in the remodel of the Vail Golf and Nordic Clubhouse. The application has been scheduled for a DRB work session on April 1 and builds on an earlier review by the DRB in 2012. The April 1 meeting begins at 3 p.m. in Vail Town Council Chambers with opportunities for public comment. The agenda for this meeting will be posted to the town’s website on or before March 27. Following the April 1 work session, a final DRB review of the remodel will be scheduled for either the April 15 or May 6 meeting with additional opportunities for public comment.

As designed by Zehren and Associates, Inc., the clubhouse remodel expands the square footage from the current 18,867 square feet to 21,841 square feet. While the restaurant/banquet space would be enlarged slightly, the more significant improvements include expansion of the ground level storage, an increase in the size of the pro shop and separation of the golfer’s grille from the restaurant/banquet space for greater functionality. Maximum capacity for guests would be capped at 160 people. The renovation also includes a total facelift to the interior and exterior of the building including replacement of the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.

Other steps related to the remodel project include today’s announcement of four finalists in the contractor services selection process. The firms, in alphabetical order, are: Evans Chaffee Construction Group, Avon; GE Johnson Construction Company, Avon; PCL Construction, Denver; and RA Nelson, Avon. Interviews by a review team consisting of representatives from the Town of Vail and Vail Recreation District staff will be scheduled on March 31 with a selection recommendation presented to the Town Council at its regular evening meeting on April 7.

Also at the April 7 meeting, the Vail Town Council will review a resolution extending the 2013 approval by the Planning and Environmental Commission of a conditional use permit that authorizes the clubhouse remodel. The current approval expires in June 2015. A recent court ruling requires the Eagle County District Court to consider an appeal of this PEC approval. Appeal of a second court case is pending in the Colorado Court of Appeals regarding an existing covenant on the property, which the District Court has determined was not violated by the town’s planned clubhouse remodel.

Following Town Council review of a construction contract later this summer, a tentative groundbreaking is anticipated in early September with completion scheduled in mid-2016. A series of public meetings will be held during the spring and summer to review construction schedules and related impacts for clubhouse users. Temporary structures are proposed to maintain golf and Nordic operations by the Vail Recreation District during construction.

The remodel project was initiated after voters approved “expansion and improvement of the clubhouse at the Vail Golf Course and Nordic Center, including multi-use community space” in 2011 as part of the $9.4 million Conference Center fund reallocation.

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