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Community Picnic Suggestions and Responses Compiled by Town of Vail

  • 5 September 2017
Community Picnic Suggestions and Responses Compiled by Town of Vail

Comments and suggestions from the 2017 Town of Vail neighborhood picnics have been compiled and are being evaluated by the Town Council and staff. Comments have been sorted into the categories of neighborhoods, short-term rentals, enforcement, public safety, environment, events, parking, major construction projects and compliments. The picnics were held on July 25 at Bighorn Park and on Aug. 15 at Donovan Park and are used as a community outreach measure to connect with residents and guests.

Updates are included below:
Q/C = Question/Comment
TOV = Town of Vail Update


Q/C:  Thanks for 30 min. bus
Q/C:  Ditto – Pam
Q/C:  Ditto – Barb
Q/C:  Love the 30 minute summer bus schedule. Please keep it!!

TOV: The 30 minute bus service was approved for a trial period – will be re-evaluated with
 Council during upcoming 2018 budget discussions.

Q/C: The water run-off dips to several of the streets of the frontage road are unnecessarily too
 deep!! Why not make them more reasonable!

TOV: The dips help keep water from pooling onto the Frontage Roads which can create
 dangerous road conditions. Some dips may be deeper than others due to road grade differences.

Q/C:  More speed (or slow down) signs on Meadow Drive
TOV: Town policy is to post speed limit signs at the start of a road that takes off from a major artery such as the Frontage Roads and Bighorn Road.  Once it is posted at the start, it is not the policy to repeat the same speed limit sign as the road continues unless the speed limit changes, which does happen on a few of the residential roads within Vail. 

Q/C:  Thanks – Better speed enforcement on Bighorn Road
TOV:  The Police Department has done additional speed enforcement in this area and informal speed surveys show that a majority of vehicles are at or below the speed limit. Very few crashes occur on this roadway.

Q/C: Consider “dismount” zone for bikes in Vail Village – too crowded and dangerous riders
TOV: The current Traffic Code used by the Town does not allow for a Village wide dismount zone and there are no current Town Codes to prohibit riding of bikes in the Village. Council may consider this in the future.

Q/C:   Limit dogs at Farmers’ Market
TOV: The Town Council is aware of the request and will be discuss.

Q/C: Thank you TOV & VRD! Great & friendly staff!
Q/C:  Awesome – Thank you Town of Vail – You all have been wonderful!!
Q/C:  Awesome staff! Loved the water station. Great water!
Q/C:  Thanks! Great!
Q/C:  Always looking forward for this event!
Q/C:  Great annual event! Great people!! Thank you!
Q/C:  Great job on Booth Creek Park!! Thanks for listening to the neighbors in and around that 


Q/C:   Spruce Creek bus enclosure – big safety issue!
TOV:   Drivers rarely pick anyone up at this stop in West Vail, which could be one reason there is not a shelter at this stop - post only.  Most people utilize the Ptarmigan bus stop.There could also be a space/private property issue with building a shelter at this location.

Q/C:   Glad Vail is a dog friendly town
TOV:  We’re proud to support our off-leash areas at Bighorn and Stephens parks and ask that owners take responsibility to pick up after their pets and keep safety in mind when supervising pets outdoors.

Q/C:   VR shouldn’t build on their East Vail parcel
TOV:  A public hearing process will be held by the Town of Vail Planning & Environmental Commission and the Vail Town Council to review and make a final determination on the proposed rezoning application. The public is encouraged to attend these hearings and  share their thoughts.

Q/C:   How do I learn more about the East Vail Parcel (Vail Resorts Employee Housing) and how many units will be built there?
TOV:  Information regarding the proposed East Vail Parcel rezoning is available at the Town of Vail Community Development Department or on the town’s website at The current application is to rezone the property. The exact number of homes to be built there has not yet been determined.

Q/C:    Concerned about Chamonix Vail construction impacts (noise/dust/air pollution)
TOV: The construction activity at Chamonix Vail is occurring consistent with the town’s adopted rules and regulations for construction in Vail.  In response to concerns shared, the Town of Vail contacted the State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. It was determined by the State that no violations are occurring with regard to air pollution standards.

Q/C:  Town should designate the Middle Bench of Donovan Park as Designated Open Space
TOV: The Town Charter outlines a process for open space designations which ultimately requires approval by the Town Council.

Q/C:  Permanent residents living here 6 months out of the year can (be able) to rent short-term
Q/C:  Think about STR users and public drinking and drug use. Have had STR renters publicly smoking pot outside on other’s property.
Q/C:  Get rid of short-term rentals
Q/C:  Hello, as an STR owner we are in support of cooperating with the community.  We arehard working residents too!
Q/C:   STR – require trash service and education for owners and guests. (poor dead bears)
Q/C:   Noise ordinance education
Q/C:   Parking education for residential area
Q/C:   Tough to enforce unless HOA is pro-active in educating owners of what is/not allowed.
Q/C:   If you make a profit, be a business with license, pay taxes
Q/C:   More strict enforcement of licenses for STRs with some teeth.
Q/C:   Regarding STR: I have never considered doing so, with my own rental, as it is a labor intensive endeavor and we literally have no worker's anymore, do we? Furthermore, STR has compounded the impactful on the long-term housing market.

TOV:  The town is considering additional policies regarding short term rentals which might include better enforcement of current regulations, fines or penalties for non-compliance, increased education programs on life safety, recycling and parking, and may require a property contact for each rental. Town Council will continue discussions and public input during the Sept. 5 meeting and beyond.

Q/C:  Please limit speeds on frontage roads to 35 mph.
TOV:  The speed limits on the Frontage Roads are set by CDOT as they have ownership of the roadways. The speed limits are enforced by the police department.

Q/C:  Please make our Frontage Roads safe from the traffic on I-70. The trucks and cars that leave the highway inadvertently (though an accident, or driver error) need to be kept on I-70 corridor by permanent barriers
TOV:  As both I-70 and the frontage roads are governed and maintained by the CDOT, they would have authority on this matter. It is highly unlikely that there is statistical data that supports the need to install guardrail and it would be unlikely from a cost standpoint as guardrail is expensive to install and maintain.

Q/C:   When will the next community meeting be held to discuss neighborhood evacuations, re: wildfire?
TOV:   We do not have a specific evacuation meeting scheduled. We will provide information on this topic at the Fire Department Open House on Oct. 7 at the West Vail Fire Station.

Q/C:   Please protect and preserve habitat for animals, birds, trees, bugs, water, air, sounds, smells….and it will also be good for humans.
TOV:   We agree that preservation of our natural world is critical. Goal #3 in the adopted Environmental Sustainability Strategic Plan, Ecosystem Health, states, “Ensure that the natural environment, specifically air and water quality, water quantity, land use and habitat are maintained to current or improved levels of biological health”, and preserving our natural environment is a part of the town’s mission statement. We intend to continue to improve upon habitat restoration and education to protect our flora and fauna.

Q/C:  Looking forward to launch of Project Re-Wild, when can we see more details/application?
TOV:  More detailed information is available at the Town of Vail Community Development Department or on the town’s sustainability programs website, You may also contact Peter Wadden, Water Quality Education Coordinator, by telephone at 970-479-2144 or by email at

Q/C:  Re: Recycling - what is recyclable? People still doing it incorrectly, why isn’t the town cracking down?
TOV: Recycling Guidelines and reference materials may be found at For questions, please contact Mark Hoblitzell, environmental sustainability coordinator at 970-479-2333 or The town has taken a general approach of education and assistance with non-compliant residents and businesses for first offenses for the past three years. However, do keep in mind that recycling is the law in Vail and appropriate fines do apply.

Q/C:  Too many events, too crowded in the summer
TOV:  The Vail Commission on Special Events will be reviewing applications for 2018 event funding this fall and will manage the event calendar with a goal to balance economic vitality with enjoying the town year-round.

Q/C:   Will there be paid summer parking next year in the structures?
TOV:  The Vail Parking & Transportation Task Force will be forwarding a recommendation to Town Council later in the year regarding 2018 summer parking operations at which time there will be opportunities for public comment before the Town Council determines if changes in the summer parking operations are needed.

Q/C:  When will Hotel Talisa open?
TOV: The developer has indicated an intention to be open for business prior to the start of the  2017/2018 winter ski season.

Q/C:  When will DoubleTree open?
TOV: The developer has indicated an intention to be open for business prior to the start of the 2017/2018 winter ski season.

Q/C:  When will Marriott Residence Inn start construction?
TOV: An exact start date on construction on the new Marriott Residence Inn has not been determined. 

Q/C:  Flags flown in Vail should follow “standards of respect” associated with flag etiquette. This is considered a highly regarded patriotic representation. Please adhere to these standards across town.   
TOV: Thank you for alerting us about monitoring flag etiquette across town and at construction sites, in particular. 

Q/C:  Great turnout, thanks to the town for hosting picnics


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