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Community Picnic Suggestions and Responses Compiled by Town of Vail

  • 20 September 2016

Comments and suggestions from the 2016 Town of Vail neighborhood picnics have been compiled and are being evaluated by the Town Council and staff. Comments have been sorted into the categories of neighborhoods, enforcement, recreation paths/trailheads, housing, Vail’s future and compliments. The picnics were held on July 12 at Bighorn Park and on Aug. 9 at Donovan Park and are used as a community outreach measure to connect with residents and guests. Updates are included below:

Q/C = Question/Comment
TOV = Town of Vail Update


Q/C: East Vail bridges should be boater-friendly.
TOV: As bridges are replaced, the Town will attempt to make bridges boater-friendly. The Bridge Road culvert bridge is scheduled to be replaced in 2017 and will be more boater-friendly.

Q/C: Build bicycle lane on Vail Valley Drive.
TOV: This was designed in 2012, but permanently shelved by Town Council.

Q/C: Don’t build a bike lane on Vail Valley Drive.
TOV: At this time we are not planning on it as Council’s direction has been not to build.

Q/C: Put a light and shelter at east end of Spruce Way bus stop.
TOV: Public Works will submit this request during 2017 capital budget discussion. The length of power run is very long.

Q/C: Need a restroom at East Vail exit/parking lot…maybe a porta-potty?
TOV: A porta-potty does not meet Vail standards. It is an expensive proposition to build a one-hole, year-round restroom. The real issue is that doing so will change its use from primarily a park & ride lot to more of a rest area use which brings a host of issues to include upkeep and maintenance and approval from the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Q/C: Build a flat mountain bike trail on north side from Vail exit to East Vail exit.
TOV: This topic will be reviewed during the open lands plan update.

Q/C: More East Vail buses in summer.
TOV: This will be discussed during the 2017 budget discussions.

Q/C: Have the bus run every 15 or 30 minutes during summer season July through August to help solve summer parking problem.
TOV: This will be discussed during the 2017 budget discussions.

Q/C: Teach pedestrians to walk facing traffic – signs?
TOV: This is state law. Reminders will be published in Vail Daily and on the website.

Q/C: Build, convert east end of Ford Park to underground parking structure.
TOV: This was studied as part of the recent renovations at Ford Park and Council decided not to move forward.

Q/C: Enforce electric vehicle charge station in structures.
TOV: These are enforced except on the busiest days.

Q/C: Build dormitories on Vail Mountain for employees.
TOV: Requires U.S. Forest Service approval.


Q/C: Mirror for better visibility at intersection of Alpine Drive & Vermont Road.
TOV: This is outside the town limits. The comment will be forwarded to Eagle County. Mirrors would be last resort vs. vegetation removal.

Q/C: Mirror for better visibility at Matterhorn Bridge.
TOV: This will be reviewed by Public Works.

Q/C: West Vail Lives Matter!!  Bus enclosure at Spruce Creek for safety.
TOV: This will be reviewed by Public Works.

Q/C: Bus enclosure at Spruce Way in East Vail.
TOV: This may not fit without significant retrofit of area.

Q/C: Bus enclosure safety issues at Spruce Creek.
TOV: Will be reviewed by Public Works.

Q/C: Signage at south central roundabout coming from east, going westbound, there is a specific ramp for I-70E, then an alternate arrow for another direction which is confusing. Most go under I-70, but if in circle, on expecting right lane to move onto I-70 eastbound, those cars tend to move over to go under don’t know.
TOV: This has since been changed.

Q/C: Add flowers in landscape island between Library and Dobson Arena.
TOV: This area is planned for a major renovation once a master plan of the area is completed in 2017.

Q/C: Bike helmets required!
TOV: Town follows state laws.

Q/C: Bells on bikes.
TOV: With Town Council direction, this could be encouraged and/or legislated at the local level. 

Q/C: Recreation path, please – not just bike path.
TOV: All paths are recreational.

Q/C: Power GoPro TVs during Games with electric/solar power instead of generator.
TOV: We will pass this suggestion along to the event promoter, the Vail Valley Foundation.

Q/C: Improve signage on West Vail south roundabout for westbound cyclists telling
 them to ride with traffic.

TOV: This will be looked at and discussed with CDOT.

Q/C:  Booth Falls Trailhead users should be allowed to park on Frontage Road when lot is full. Our solution for guests when lot is full is not guest/user-friendly.
TOV: It is clear that trailhead parking and overcrowding is a significant issue in many places  around the state. We were previously allowing trailhead users to park on the Frontage Road without ticketing them due to all of the Vail Mountain Schools lots being closed for construction- related parking and school needs. This has not been our preferred option, but we do not have  any other options. We have no way to prevent hikers from coming to the area. Cones have been placed to improve safety for bicycles and vehicles pulling out onto the Frontage Road and to prevent parking on Booth Falls Road. We are only writing tickets to individuals that move cones, or park in locations that create safety issues. The Town has encouraged the use of the bus system to access the trailheads and there are already hotel shuttle vans dropping off groups. Members of the Police Department have met with the U.S. Forest Service about the trailhead overcrowding, they are aware of it. The USFS wants to reduce trail use at all of the Wilderness trailheads in our valley and would prefer we encourage hikers to use non Wilderness trails like the North Trail, unfortunately many of these trailheads have even more limited parking. We are currently working on a flyer to encourage the use of these non-wilderness trails and Vail Mountain trails. Next year’s Town bus maps will have the trailheads on the updated versions. We do not have the staffing to assign a Code Enforcement Officer or volunteer to the trailhead, it does appear that the cones along Booth Falls Road have significantly reduced the number of vehicles illegally parked on the road. Soon this problem will resolve itself for the winter, but until that time there is not much else we can do to reduce the demand. Our plan for next spring is to have the Forest Service and our Town staff work with the Chamber of Commerce, Welcome Center personnel and hotels to educate their staffs to discourage the use of Booth Falls and distribute updated maps.  We are looking for a solution to reduce the demand caused by social network sites, but do not have a clear pathway on this front. Next summer the park restrooms should provide hikers with a better solution for relieving themselves in the neighborhood, prior to starting a hike. 

Q/C: Chamonix Lane – speeding.
TOV: The Police Department radar trailer will be placed on the road to help gain awareness of vehicle speeds, additional enforcement will be conducted.

Q/C: What will the Vail Valley look like 10-20 years? Let’s be looking down the road now!
TOV:  During the 2017 budget discussions, the Town is committing to opportunities for longer-range planning efforts.

Q/C:  We love our library!
TOV:  We love it, too.

Q/C: Great job at the community building department with all the help with details and plan checking and permitting.
TOV: Thank you!

Contact: Suzanne Silverthorn, 970-479-2115
Community Information Office



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