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Electric Vehicle Sales EVent Offers Discounts on Plug-in Cars from Six Dealerships

  • 17 August 2018
Electric Vehicle Sales EVent Offers Discounts on Plug-in Cars from Six Dealerships

The 2018 Electric Vehicle Sales EVent, aimed at drivers in Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin counties, has been announced which will offer discounts on the purchase or lease of plug-in electric vehicles from six auto dealerships for a 90-day period.

The event runs from Aug. 1 to Oct. 31 with discounts of $515 to $1,950 on seven models of electric vehicles. Last year’s event led to sales of 42 plug-in electric vehicles.

Participating dealers are Audi Glenwood Springs, Mountain Chevrolet, Berthod Motors, Phil Long Honda and Bighorn Toyota, all in Glenwood Springs, and Red Rock Nissan in Grand Junction. The dealer discounts are for plug-in electric-gasoline hybrid models and for plug-in all-electric vehicles. The discounts can be combined with the state of Colorado’s $5,000 tax credit and a federal tax credit of up to $7,500. Together, they can significantly drive down the cost of a lease or purchase.

The Electric Vehicle Sales Event is led by Garfield Clean Energy, CLEER (Clean Energy Economy for the Region) and Refuel Colorado, and sponsored by the Town of Vail, Eagle County, Walking Mountains Science Center, Holy Cross Energy, City of Glenwood Springs, City of Aspen, CORE and Colorado Mountain News Media.

Featured Vehicles

The EV Sales EVent features the following vehicles:

  • Audi Glenwood Springs will offer the Audi A3 e-tron Sportback plug-in hybrid SUV crossover, with a $4,500 manufacturer discount and a 6 percent dealer discount. The A3 e-tron can travel 16 miles in electric mode, with 380 miles total range using electric and gasoline.
  • Mountain Chevrolet is offering two models, both with a $1,000 discount. The Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid sedan can travel 53 miles in electric mod, and 420 miles total range using electric and gasoline. The Bolt all-electric is a compact hatchback with a range of 238 miles on a charge.
  • Berthod Motors will offer the Chrysler Pacifica, a minivan with capacity for up to eight passengers, with a $1,000 discount. The Pacifica can travel 33 miles in electric mode, with 566 miles total range using electric and gasoline.
  • Phil Long Honda will offer the Honda Clarity and Clarity Touring plug-in hybrid sedans, with discounts of $515 for the Clarity and $711 for the Touring. Both models can travel 47 miles in electric mode, with 340 miles total range using electric and gasoline.
  • Red Rock Nissan, in Grand Junction, will offer the Nissan Leaf all-electric hatchback with three packages and discount amounts. The Leaf S is offered with a $1,737 discount, the Leaf SV with a $1,822 discount and the Leaf SL with a $1,951 discount. The Leaf can travel up to 151 miles on a battery charge.
  • Bighorn Toyota is offering the Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid hatchback with three packages, all with a discount of $1,000. All three models can travel 25 miles in electric mode, with 640 miles total range using electric and gasoline.

More information about the vehicles, dealerships, discounts and tax credits is available on the Garfield Clean Energy website, or call CLEER at 970-704-9200.

Electric vehicles Help Clean Air, Support Colorado Energy Jobs
Electric vehicles are less costly to operate than gas-powered vehicles. The electricity equivalent of a gallon of gasoline costs about $1.10 per “e-gallon.”  More affordable fuel and less overall maintenance means electric vehicles can help reduce the cost of living in resort communities, according to the event’s sponsors.

Using electricity instead of gasoline for driving also reduces carbon emissions. Electricity in Colorado’s statewide average power mix is 36 percent cleaner than gasoline. As more renewable energy is added to the grid, electric vehicles will be even cleaner.

Electric vehicles also support Colorado jobs and industry, as they shift the transportation fuel market away from oil and toward electricity, a domestic energy source. That supports Colorado electric utilities and their fuel providers in the coal, natural gas and renewable energy industries.

In 2017, the state of Colorado set a goal of 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030. Today, Colorado drivers own 15,000 EVs and sales are growing by 50 to 60 percent per year, according to Will Toor, transportation program director for the Southwest Energy Efficiency Program (SWEEP) in Boulder.

To make up for not paying the state gasoline tax at the pump to support highway improvements, electric vehicle owners pay an added annual fee when licensing their cars.

Meanwhile, an infusion of funds from Volkswagen, in a legal settlement with states for the automaker’s cheating on emissions, will pay for new fast-charge stations across Colorado and in many other states. As charging locations come on line in the next few years, the ease of travel in an electric vehicle will become comparable to a gasoline-powered vehicle.



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