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Noise Wall Preference Results

  • 2 March 2015
The results of a preference survey to determine if a noise wall will be built as part of the I-70 Vail Underpass project have been certified by Vail Town Clerk Patty McKenny. There were 203 Benefiting Receptor Units surveyed, with each unit survey counted twice, once for the owner and once for the occupant, for a total of 406 survey preference counts. There were 105 surveys cast by owner/occupants not in favor of the noise wall and there were 75 surveys cast by owner/occupants in favor of the noise wall.

Approximately 89 percent of the surveys were returned. Of the total 406 survey counts, 59 percent were against the noise wall and 41 percent were in favor of the noise wall. The Vail Town Council at its Feb. 3 meeting will review the results.

The underpass project, to be located midway between the Main Vail and West Vail exits, qualifies for construction of a noise wall on the north side of I-70. However, because the noise wall is not supported per the preference survey results, it will not be built as a part of the I-70 Vail Underpass Project. For details, visit the project page or contact Tom Kassmel, Town of Vail project manager.

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