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Pile Burning and Habitat Projects Move Forward in Vail as Conditions Permit

  • 10 April 2019
Pile Burning and Habitat Projects Move Forward in Vail as Conditions Permit

Crews from Vail Fire and Emergency Services will be conducting pile burn operations over the month as conditions permit. These burns will take place near the Vail Golf Course and the west end of Intermountain on the Deer Underpass State Wildlife Area.

The burns will reduce hazardous fuels conditions on town-owned land and decrease wildfire hazards to the adjacent community. Pile burning is dependent on environmental conditions that allow smoke to rise and disperse rather than settling onto the highway and into residential areas. Burning will occur when weather conditions exist to minimize risks such as snow covering surrounding vegetation or following heavy rain or melting snow. Smoke and flames may be visible from various points along Interstate 70 and some smoke may settle into lower elevations in the evening hours.

Crews also continue to monitor weather conditions and wildlife use on the Booth Creek Broadcast Burn site in East Vail. If the bighorn sheep vacate the site and weather conditions align, the department will proceed with prescribed fire operations on that project. 

Prescribed fire smoke may affect your health. For more information see:  Anyone who may have health problems that may be aggravated by smoke production should notify Paul Cada with Vail Fire and Emergency Services at 970-477-3475.



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