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Pile Burning in Vail Planned this Week as Conditions Allow

  • 30 October 2018
Pile Burning in Vail Planned this Week as Conditions Allow

Crews from the U.S. Forest Service have scheduled pile burns for the week of Oct. 29 as conditions permit. Pile burning may occur throughout the week. The operations will take place on the hillside above Stevens Park as well as near the water tank on Snowberry Court in Intermountain. The piles were built as part of the ongoing Vail Intermountain Fuels Reduction Project. The Intermountain Fuels Project is a partnership between the U.S. Forest Service and Town of Vail.


Pile burning is dependent on environmental conditions that allow smoke to rise and disperse rather than settling onto the highway and into residential areas. In most cases, burning will only occur when there is adequate snow cover to minimize risks. Smoke and flames may be visible from various points along Interstate 70 and some smoke may settle into lower elevations in the evening hours.

For more information, contact Paul Cada, wildland program administrator, Vail Fire and Emergency Services, at 970-477-3475.


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