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Police Issue Wildlife Caution Reminder

  • 18 May 2015

Vail police are advising residents and guests to use caution around wildlife. The alert follows numerous reports of moose sightings in Vail.

When encountering moose and other wildlife, use these tips from the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife:

  • Female moose (cows) are very protective of their young (calves) to the point of being dangerous if approached or caught off guard.
  • Keep pets away as moose can get aggressive around them. Dogs running off-leash are particularly at risk as they resemble the moose’s natural predator, the wolf.
  • Do not approach a moose. If charged by a moose, try to put a tree, boulder, vehicle or other large object in between you and the moose. If knocked to the ground, get up. Moose victims typically receive injury from stomping.

Call the police department at 970-479-2200 if you witness a moose being harassed by people or pets, or if the animal is creating a public hazard, such as standing on the roadway.
For more information on moose behavior and other wildlife reminders, visit the CPW website at

Contact: Detective Sgt. Annette Dopplick, 970-479-2346
Vail Police Department


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