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Red Sandstone Elementary School Parking Structure

  • 18 May 2017
Red Sandstone Elementary School Parking Structure

Vail Town Council and Eagle County School District have entered into an agreement to construct a parking structure  as a part of the Red Sandstone Elementary School renovation. Red Sandstone Elementary School desires additional parking and improved access via a one-way circulating road system. The town desires additional permanent parking spaces close to a base village.

Plans call for renovations to begin in April 2018 with completion by of the parking structure for use in 2018/2019 ski season. Red Sandstone Elementary School was built in 1977 by the School District on land owned by the town. The district has a long-term lease to use the land for a school. Current enrollment is 235 students


Red Sandstone Elementary School Remodel
A much-anticipated multi million dollar renovation of Vail’s cherished public school has begun after
district voters approved a mill levy override for Eagle County Schools that will provide $8 million
annually to support operations and a $144
million bond issue that will provide significant
upgrades to district facilities. The improvements planned for Red Sandstone Elementary School
will enlarge classrooms to accommodate an additional 80 students from its current capacity of
247. The renovation also includes new computer labs, refurbishing of the gym, cafeteria, kitchen
and stage areas, plus a new elevator, windows, energy enhancements, life-safety
enhancements, roof replacement and improvements to the bus parking and parent drop off.

Advantage of Joint Venture Project

Discussion has focused on a 160 space town-funded parking garage to be built on the school site for use by the town.

Why the town is interested in such a project:

  • The town of Vail owns the land
  • The town of Vail has a financial commitment from Vail Resorts of $4.3 million to pay for
    permanent additional public parking owned by the town
  • The school district is undertaking a significant project at the site in which a combined
    project would allow a savings over two separate projects
  • The town has a well documented shortage of parking spaces
  • The school has a shortage of parking spaces
  • The school desires a better drop off and circulation system
  • The site is within walking distance to Lionshead and is well served by transit
  • The structure could be constructed in a manner to allow natural ventilation which
    reduces both initial construction costs as well as ongoing operation costs
  • The project could be eligible for use of Vail Reinvestment Funds

Project Program

At the May 5, 2017 Vail Town Council meeting the council directed staff to proceed with the next steps in the design of a four-level 160 car parking structure on the Red Sandstone School Site at an estimated budget of $14.8 million. The Town of Vail and Eagle County School District entered into a pre-development agreement to continue the design, program and constructability and schedule refinement of the public parking garage. As part of the design refinement, the council asked staff to investigate the expansion of the structure to allow future construction on top of the parking garage. In addition public art, photo voltac and public restrooms will be included in the project. On June 6, 2017 Vail Resorts committed the use of $4.3 million in previously-committed parking funds to be used for the project as it meets the intent of the Parking Investment Agreement executed in 2005.

Project Schedule

Development schedule, milestones and next steps are outlined below:

  • Town select building program:  May 2017
  • Execute pre-development agreement with the School District:  May 2017
  • Enter into a design contract with design team:  May 2017
  • Conduct soils and other sub consultant work: June 2017
  • Design team develops schematic and preliminary designs:  May-July 2017
  • Preconstruction prices both schematic and preliminary designs: June-July 2017
  • Town of Vail and Eagle County School District resolve project points: July 2017
  • Final legal document execution (DA): August 15, 2017
  • Town of Vail Entitlement:  August-September 2017
  • Vail Resorts funding commitment: August 2017
  • PEC final application submittal: August 2017
  • Construction Documents (CD’s) : July-November 2017
  • Final CDOT approval: August 2017
  • Final pricing and contract execution: December 2017 - March 2018.
  • Construction: April 2018 - November 2018

Recent Meeting Memos

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