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Rental by Owner Regulations

  • 22 January 2015
After reviewing an initial draft of a rental by owner ordinance at its meeting on Jan. 20, the Vail Town Council has directed the town staff to revise the proposed regulations with first reading of Ordinance No. 1, Series 2015 rescheduled to the Feb. 17 meeting which will include opportunities for public comment.

The Town Code currently sets business license fee requirements for short-term rental and bed and breakfast establishments based upon the location of the management office for the business. Therefore, if an office is located out of town, no fees are currently required.

As proposed, the new ordinance would amend the Town Code to require the payment of business license fees for all short-term rental establishments, regardless of the location of the management office. The ordinance also includes a provision that would require including the Town of Vail sales tax account number on all related advertising for rental by owner properties beginning July 1, 2015. The current business license exemption for owners renting two units or less or for a bed and breakfast renting no more than two rooms would remain unchanged unless the units are rented as short-term units for 14 or more nights per year. Other revisions made during the Town Council’s initial review of the ordinance include business license fee adjustments to establish the same flat fee rates no matter the “zone” location of businesses. The fees charged per lodging unit would remain unchanged. The per lodging unit fees currently vary depending on the zone location of the units being rented.

The ordinance was drafted at the direction of the Town Council following earlier discussions facilitated by Council member Dale Bugby that included consideration of additional requirements for rental by owner properties. The requirements were proposed by a group of Vail lodge managers to address various equity issues raised by the group, as well as concerns about front desks, quality control and pricing.

To forward comments to the Town Council in advance of the Feb. 17 meeting, email

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