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Request for Proposals - West Vail Master Plan

  • 3 February 2020



The Town of Vail is seeking a consultant team to work with Town staff to support the design and creation of planning and zoning options, urban design, transportation-related design, and economic analysis for the West Vail neighborhood.


Plan Goals & Purpose Statement


The Vail Town Council Action Plan 2018-20 identifies the creation and adoption of the West Vail Master Plan as a Town Council priority in the Community Element of that document. The following goals and purpose statement were established to frame the project scope and desired outcomes of this master plan process:

Master Plan Goals

•       To thoroughly engage the community to understand their ideas, goals and opinions for West Vail

•       To establish a framework for implementation of environmentally sustainable best practices for future development

•       To identify opportunities to better utilize land in West Vail including options for future housing sites

•       To foster economic development and create a more vibrant, aesthetically enhanced residential and commercial area to meet community expectations

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the West Vail Master Plan is to create a community-driven blue print for environmentally and economically sustainable land use, zoning and development decisions in the West Vail Neighborhood.




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