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Stage 1 Fire Restrictions Return to Eagle County

  • 18 September 2018
Stage 1 Fire Restrictions Return to Eagle County

Eagle County and the White River National Forest are returning to Stage 1 Fire restrictions as of noon Friday, Sept. 21. Stage 1 restrictions do not have any impact within the Town of Vail as the town already prohibits open burning and campfires. The use of portable outdoor fireplaces and grills is permissible.

Fire managers base decisions about fire restrictions on specific moisture measurements in vegetation and other risk factors such as predicted weather and amount of current fire activity.

What Stage 1 Restrictions Mean for Vail


Fireworks: The use of all personal fireworks is prohibited in the Town of Vail (Section 5-10-3).

Open Burning (fires not contained in a fire appliance): Open burning, bonfires, and recreational fires are prohibited in the Town of Vail regardless of fire restriction status. Town of Vail Code (Section 10-1-4) 

Use of Outdoor Fire appliances: The use of permanent and portable outdoor fire appliances is permitted within the Town of Vail during stage 1 fire restrictions when used in accordance with Town of Vail Code (Section 10-1-4). Approved portable outdoor fireplaces are allowable under the following conditions:

  • A spark arresting screen is used
  • Not within 15’ of a structure or combustible material
  • The portable outdoor fireplace is attended by an adult
  • There is a means of extinguishment present (i.e. shovel, water, extinguisher, etc.)
  • The smoke is not creating a nuisance
  •  The unit is not being used as a short-term rental
  • No Red Flag Warnings have been posted through the NWS

Charcoal: Use of charcoal grills is permitted with the exception of multifamily dwellings.  All grills must have a non-combustible metal trash can with tight fitting lid within ten feet of the grill.  Hot coals are not to be left unattended and shall be disposed of properly in the provided metal can. A garden hose, hand held extinguisher, dirt or filled water buck should be readily available in proximity to the grill.

Gas Fired Appliances: Use of permanently affixed and portable gas fire appliances is permitted.  Appliance must be equipped with a valve to shut off use if needed. Portable outdoor units must be used in an area at least 3 feet from flammable vegetation.

Smoking: The Town of Vail municipal code restricts the areas in which smoking is allowed.  Smoking is not permitted within 15 feet of entrances to buildings and outdoor eating areas as well as outdoor recreation areas (Section 5-4-2).

Firearms: Discharging of firearms within the Town of Vail is prohibited regardless of fire restriction status (Section 6-3G-1).

Welding/hotwork: All hot work including welding and cutting requires a hot work permit and site inspection by Vail Fire & Emergency Services.  The jobsite shall have a 30 foot circumference area cleared of combustible vegetation or materials.  Where separation distances are not physically possible, welding blankets shall be used to cover combustible materials. A garden hose or handheld dry chemical extinguisher with a minimum rating of 3A:20BC shall be readily available for use and staged not more than 30 feet from the work area (Section 10-1-1).

Fireworks are always prohibited on BLM, National Forest and National Park Service lands.
Fire restrictions throughout Vail and Eagle County will be in place until further notice.

For more information about fire restrictions in other parts of the region, visit You can also visit for fire information across the state.




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