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Town Aims to Improve Parking Structure Capacity this Season

  • 26 November 2016
Town Aims to Improve Parking Structure Capacity this Season
This season, the Town of Vail parking enforcement team is hoping to quash a long standing complaint about cars parking over the lines in the Vail Village parking structure, thereby freeing up additional parking spaces. In the past, these double-space infractions occurred largely unintentionally when the painted lines would wear off, making it difficult to locate each parking stall. Of course, other instances were deliberate, due to the size of the car or other circumstances.

Unfortunately, ticketing had not been a viable option in either case for the town due to the inability to identify which vehicle had triggered the domino effect. But now, thanks to installation of new lane delineators embedded within the concrete, drivers will have an easier time identifying the designated parking stalls. The improvements were installed during the summer within the lower levels of the Village parking structure. This will enable the parking enforcement team to issue tickets for violations this winter. The fine for parking over the line is $50 for the first offense, $75 for the second and $150 for the third violation.

Delineators were not installed in the Lionshead parking structure since the double parking phenomenon isn’t as prevalent there due to the 90 degree parking configuration and the stall markings on the walls.
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