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Town of Vail Community Survey Underway to Identify Municipal Service Ratings, Community Priorities

  • 12 March 2018
Town of Vail Community Survey Underway to Identify Municipal Service Ratings, Community Priorities

The Town of Vail is inviting all residents, property owners, business owners and employees to take part in its biennial community survey which is taking place in two formats, web and mail-back. The survey was last conducted in 2016 and is used to evaluate municipal service levels and to identify community priorities.

Postcard invitations have been mailed to households in Vail, including part-time residents, with information on how to take part in the survey. Distribution of a mail-back format of the survey will be available from the front desk of the Vail Municipal Building upon request, beginning Monday, March 12.

Survey respondents will be asked to evaluate satisfaction levels for town services, such as public safety, snow removal, transit, parking, community development applications, special events and library operations. In addition, questions to identify and prioritize issues important to the future of Vail are included. The feedback will be used by the Town Council in evaluating areas of focus and future budgeting scenarios.

Vail Mayor Dave Chapin says it’s important the town hear from as many people as possible to learn what matters most to them. To help build interest in the survey, respondents will be eligible to win a drawing for one of ten $100 Visa gift cards. The first drawing will take place from among the first 100 completed surveys.

Respondents are asked to participate in the survey just once. The deadline for responses is April 18, but you are requested to respond within 10 days of receiving a survey invitation.

The 2018 survey results will be released in June during a presentation to the Town Council, followed by posting of the results on the town’s website. The project is being managed by RRC Associates, an independent research firm.

Since 1987 the Town of Vail has initiated community surveys in a variety of formats to assist in planning and resource allocations. Previous results have contributed to an additional emphasis on economic development, parking, affordable housing programs, environmental sustainability, customer service improvements and expanded communications.

For more information, contact Suzanne Silverthorn in the town’s Community Information Office at 970-479-2115.



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