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Town of Vail Issues Caution Regarding Use of Pesticides

  • 8 May 2018

Many of the pesticides used to protect trees in Vail can unintentionally kill beneficial insects, both on land and in Gore Creek. As a way to reduce the negative impacts of pesticide use, town officials are asking homeowners, property managers and commercial applicators to carefully consider what they are spraying and how it is being applied. 

The Public Works Department has produced a resource guide available for download that provides important recommendations regarding the use of pesticides in Vail. For example, now that the mountain pine beetle epidemic is behind us, lodgepole pines no longer need annual spraying.  At the same time, a new insect, spruce beetle, is attacking natural spruce trees along Gore Creek.  Attaching MCH pheromone packets to susceptible trees and removing affected trees before spring can slow their spread without the use of harmful sprays. 

Gregg Barrie, senior landscape architect, is encouraging property owners to take a few minutes to review the pesticide practices resource guide, then share your concerns about stream health to your commercial applicator and help get Gore Creek off of the list of impaired waterways.

For more information, contact Barrie at 970-479-2337 or email



  • Documents to download

Documents to download


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