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Town of Vail Working to Finalize Sale of Remaining Development Parcel at Chamonix Vail

  • 2 January 2019

Following completion of the new 32 deed-restricted Chamonix Vail townhomes earlier in the year, the town is preparing to sell a remaining parcel on the town-owned property. The development site, located at 2420 Chamonix Lane in West Vail, is being sold on the free market with a list price of $875,000. Advertising materials prepared by the town indicate the property provides a rare opportunity to build three homes on the site.

During Town Council’s approval of the Chamonix Vail townhome development in 2016, the parcel was intentionally left vacant due to the added costs in building affordably on the steep site. It was also acknowledged that an opportunity for a future transaction would infuse the town’s housing fund with proceeds from the sale.

Solicitations received from prospective buyers during the week of Dec. 17 have resulted in a purchase contract pending an ordinance authorizing the sale by the Town Council which is set for first reading on Jan. 8.

In anticipation of the sale, the town’s Housing Department, acting on the direction of the Vail Town Council, has submitted five development applications to facilitate future development on the parcel by the third-party prospective buyer, STK Capital LLC. The applications are: 1) minor subdivision; 2) zone district boundary adjustment; 3) conditional use permit; 4) variance; and 5) development plan for construction of a two-family structure with a requirement to build an attached employee housing unit. Vail’s housing zone district allows for free market development to help subsidize the cost of deed-restricted development.

The applications will be reviewed by the Planning and Environmental Commission during a public hearing at 1 p.m. Monday, Jan. 14 in the Municipal Building. In accordance with the town’s notification process, a public notice has been mailed to adjacent property owners. The review process includes a site visit to the property and public meetings on the applications during which the PEC will deliberate and vote on each request. 

The 3.6-acre Chamonix property was purchased by the town in 2002. The town’s investment has included $3.6 million in land and infrastructure costs to subsidize the townhomes.

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