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Update on June 15 Meeting and Next Steps

  • 23 June 2017
Update on June 15 Meeting and Next Steps

Thank you for your continued interest in the planning process to update the Town of Vail Comprehensive Open Lands Plan and to those who took time to attend our community workshop on June 15. During this workshop, staff gathered feedback from the community on the specifics of the Open Lands Plan including identified parcels for acquisition, and determination on certain town-owned parcels. The group encouraged the addition of more Designated Open Space in town, including the Middle Bench of Donovan Park, and support neighborhood connection trails, as long as they are built to minimize impacts on wildlife and have thoroughly researched user groups. In addition, while the group recognized the need for affordable housing, they felt that partnerships should be explored in Vail and down valley before town-owned vacant land was developed in town limits.

The next step in the process is to provide the Planning and Environmental Commission with an update on June 26, followed by an update to the Vail Town Council on August 1. Once recommended actions have been incorporated into the draft plan update, the Planning and Environmental Commission will be requested to provide feedback and ultimately make a recommendation of adoption of the plan to the Town Council.  An analysis of all town-owned lands and outreach to the technical expert groups are ongoing, as well as field research on existing and proposed trails led by the consulting firm, SE Group.  A trails-specific workshop will be held this August, so watch for additional details soon.

If you have additional questions about this planning process, please contact Kristen Bertuglia in the Community Development Department at 970-477-3455.