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Vail America Days™ Parade Winners as Presented by Gallegos Corporation

  • 5 July 2015

The winners of the Vail America Days™ Parade as presented by Gallegos Corporation have been announced. Gallegos has supported the Vail America Days™ parade and provided the awards for the floats for the past 20 years. This year, parade awards were designed and created by Gallegos employees and brothers Mike and Dennis Hollie and were  custom crafted in the Gallegos Marble Shop and are made of green onyx. The  2015 awards feature an engraved image of the Statue of Liberty, a nod to the Gallegos float, which celebrates Great Moments in American History building and architecture.

Best Marching Band/Musical – Vail’s Precision Lawn Chair Drill Team
Born in 1984, during Vail’s July 4th parade, this group of single ski bums cooked up a humorous act in order to “meet babes and get free beer.” Thirty years later, while some of the members have changed, they are still up to their old antics.

Most Original – A world of Adventure
Nova Guides, at Camp Hale, provides a World of Adventure with a fleet of ATVs, Side-By-Sides, Jeeps and Rafts.  Nova Guides speaks the international language of Fun and Excitement.  Join Nova Guides at Camp Hale for an adventure of a lifetime.

Best in Show – Vail Mountaineers Hockey Club
The Mountaineers Hockey Club celebrates the classic USA Gold Medal match win vs Russia during the 1980 Olympics.  From skiing to ice hockey youth and sports go together like Vail and International go together… The over 150 members of the youth hockey league, Vail Mountaineers, celebrate this moment that is close to their heart.

Best Youth –Alpine Arts Center
The Alpine Arts Center’s parade float was designed by all the young artists during kids’ art camps this week. We worked with all art mediums including paint, cardboard sculpture, tie-dye and more! 

Best Float – Canine Companions for Independence
Founded in 1975, Canine Companions for Independence is a nonprofit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships. Canine Companions for Independence provides assistance dogs for wounded warriors. These patriots have fought for our freedom and have made American history in the battles they have fought.

Best Motorized – Timberline Tours
Timberline Tours is the Vail-area’s largest and most experienced outfitter since 1971. They offer guided whitewater rafting adventures and jeep tours with the best equipment and a team that’s famous worldwide for its extraordinary skills and service, Timberline Tours consistently sets the standard for safety and fun on the water and in the mountains.

Most Distinctive - The Gerald Gallegos Award – Celebrating Charity
Vail America Days has great traditions and this float is no exception. A mainstay in Vail’s annual July 4th parade, Jerry Sibley, his brother Paul and their steam engine have made history with that steam whistle. The Vail Valley Rotary Club joins the Sibley’s by celebrating the era of steam and American charity. Please support the Rotary Duck Race and Eagle Valley Senior Life dedicated to serving the seniors in our valley. They wanted to thank this community for their past support and commitment to our growing senior population.

Vail America Days™ is presented by Town of Vail, Gallegos Corporation and Volvo Cars of North America, and is sponsored in part by Eye Pieces of Vail and KZYR The Zephyr.

Gallegos has a 45-year history of supporting the community through countless philanthropic efforts and by being an integral part of traditions such as Vail America Days™, which the community holds dear. 



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