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Vail Announces Promotion in Town Clerk’s Office

  • 20 November 2018
Vail Announces Promotion in Town Clerk’s Office

Vail town manager Greg Clifton has announced that Tammy Nagel has been promoted to serve as town clerk following her years of service in the deputy town clerk role. She replaces Patty McKenny who has recently been promoted to Vail’s assistant town manager. The appointment is effectively immediately.

Nagel has been employed with the town for more than a decade and has served in the deputy town clerk role as well as acting town clerk assignments since 2013. She has also worked as the town’s legal assistant. Nagel’s previous experience includes performing a number of functions within the clerk’s office, including her role with elections, the Vail Local Licensing Authority and public records requests.

In announcing the promotion, Clifton noted Nagel will be able to hit the ground running due to her involvement and expertise within the office. “Her excellent public service skills have been encountered by many members of the community, especially since she has been the primary contact for the liquor licensed establishments in Vail,” he said. “She has also supported the many administrative functions of this local government in a most loyal and professional manner over the years.” 

Nagel was selected from among three internal candidates for the position. She says she’s honored and excited to take on her new role.

Clifton thanked the applicants for their interest in the position, noting everyone interviewed well and brought strong skillsets to the table.

The town will now begin a recruitment process to fill the deputy town clerk position vacated by Nagel.


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