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Vail Fire Issues Reminder about Removing Snow Near Utility Meters

  • 5 March 2019
Vail Fire Issues Reminder about Removing Snow Near Utility Meters
The Vail Fire Department is reminding property owners and maintenance personnel to be mindful in clearing ice and snow around natural gas and electric meters. During a recent 24-hour period, a combination of roof shoveling and snowplowing caused several incidents in which gas meters were damaged resulting in several dangerous gas leaks. These gas leaks caused the evacuation of 12 units in a multi-family complex as well as several homes in a residential neighborhood.

Vail Fire Marshal Mike Vaughan says that not only do these gas leaks inconvenience residents, they can have potentially devastating consequences if there is an explosion. If you smell gas, you should evacuate your home and call 911. Residents are also reminded that a gas explosion can be triggered by any ignition source, even the spark resulting from turning a light switch on or off.

With this season’s accumulating snowfall, Vaughan says it’s important for property owners to make arrangements to safely remove snow and ice that create hazardous conditions. The Vail Town Code prohibits the accumulation of ice and snow that might fall onto a sidewalk, street, alley or other publicly used right-of-way. This also includes neighboring properties.

For questions regarding hazardous ice and snow accumulations on buildings, contact Vaughan at 970-479-2252.

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