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Vail Parking Rates Set for 2017-2018 Season; Pass Sales Begin Oct. 30 with Incentive for Early Purchase

  • 8 October 2017

For the first time in 10 years, winter parking rates will increase for users of the Vail Village and Lionshead parking structures as well as pricing adjustments for season pass holders. In approving the new fee structure at its Oct. 3 meeting, Vail Town Council members said the modifications were necessary to help meet the town’s goal to limit the amount of overflow parking on the south frontage road and to encourage use of free outlying parking. Another change will shorten the free parking period in the structures to be offset by a recommended merchant validation system to improve availability of close-in parking.

The parking management decisions authorized by the Town Council followed a review of recommendations forwarded by the Vail Parking & Transportation Task Force. The advisory group, chaired by Mayor Dave Chapin, met several times during the year to review the town’s parking goals and to recommend strategies and tactics to address the town’s parking supply and demand.

Drive-up parking rates recommended by the Task Force and approved and modified by the Town Council are as follows:

2017-18 Winter Parking Rates

 0 to 1.5 hrs        Free 
 1.5 to 2 hrs $5 (new pricing)
 2 to 3 hrs  $10 (down from $15)
 3 to 4 hrs $20 (no change)
 4 to 15 hrs $30 (up from $25)
15 to 24 hrs $50 (up from $25)

The Town Council set a new $50 rate for overnight vehicle storage to discourage use of rental cars and to encourage lodges to offer competitive pricing for on-site guest parking. The new rate doubles the previous $25 overnight parking fee.
In shortening the free parking period from the current two-hours upon entry to 90 minutes, the Town Council expressed support to help cost-share a merchant validation system that would provide a $5 voucher to extend free parking to two hours. The adjustment is intended to provide convenient access to the villages for lunch, shopping and errands, while making it harder for abuses by those who routinely move their vehicle to avoid paying for parking. Per town code, vehicles exiting the parking structures are prohibited from re-entering the garages for 30 minutes.

Free parking in the structures upon entry after 3 p.m. will continue to be offered to encourage après ski vibrancy. This program was introduced in 1996 and has become popular with guests and locals.

In setting the rates for discounted parking passes, the Town Council lowered pricing recommendations forwarded by the Task Force, expressing a desire to make incremental pricing adjustments over the next several years to correspond with increases in the drive-up rates and continue to encourage commuter habits. The revised rates are as follows:

2017-2018 Season Parking Pass Rates

 Gold        $3,300 (previous $3,250; Task Force recommendation, $3,250)
 Silver $2,000 (previous $1,800; Task Force recommendation, $2,000)  
 Blue  $1,250 (previous, $1,100; Task Force recommendation, $1,500) 
 Green   $625 (previous $500; Task Force recommendation, $750)
 Pink $200 (previous $150; Task Force recommendation, $300) 

2017-2018 Vail Value Card Rates

Sunday-Thursday (non peak)    Friday & Saturday, plus holidays (peak) 
1.5 to 2 hrs.   $2.50  1.5 to 2 hrs.   $4
2 to 3 hrs.      $5 2 to 3 hrs.      $8
3 to 4 hrs.      $10 3 to 4 hrs.      $16
4 to 15 hrs.    $15 4 to 15 hrs.    $24 
15 to 24 hrs.  $25 15 to 24 hrs.  $40 

2017-2018 Eagle County Value Card Rates

Sunday-Thursday (non peak)       Friday & Saturday, plus holidays (peak) 
1.5 to 2 hrs.    $3  1.5 to 2 hrs.   $4.50
2 to 3 hrs.      $6   2 to 3 hrs.      $9
3 to 4 hrs.      $12  3 to 4 hrs.      $18 
4 to 15 hrs.    $18  4 to 15hrs.     $26 
15 to 24 hrs.  $30  15 to 24 hrs.  $44 

For season pass and value card qualifications, visit

The parking pass price increases are intended to create more favorable options for increased utilization of the town’s free satellite areas serviced by the free transit system. Parking spaces in West Vail, for example, have been underutilized during previous seasons, with over 100 spaces remaining empty on most peak days. The inventory includes 50 spaces on the north frontage road across from the West Vail Mall, plus an additional 100 spaces west of the West Vail roundabout on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. As an additional incentive, an express bus will be added this season via the new I-70 Vail underpass for convenient access to Vail Village and Lionshead.

In addition to the satellite spaces in West Vail, another 95 free spaces are available at Donovan Park on days when the pavilion isn’t in use.

Season parking passes will be ready for purchase beginning at 8 a.m. Monday, Oct. 30 on the lower level of the Municipal Building, 75 S. Frontage Rd., with an added incentive for those who make their purchase early. The first 500 buyers will receive a voucher good for a free day of parking to be redeemed any time during the season, a value of $30. The free voucher is good for individual customers and is being offered again this season to help reduce last-minute crowding. The offer does not apply to bulk purchases.

Paid parking in the Vail Village and Lionshead parking structures will coincide with the start of Vail Mountain’s 2017-2018 ski and snowboard season which is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 17. Once the new season is underway, satellite lots at Ford Park and the soccer field east of Golden Peak will become permit parking for employees. These lots will be subject to additional closures due to special events throughout the winter season.

Visit the town’s website at or call the parking pass sales office at 970-479-2104 for additional information.