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Vail Parks Transition to Winter Season

  • 31 October 2018
Vail Parks Transition to Winter Season

Public restrooms in most of Vail's town parks will be shutting down at the end of the day on Sunday, Nov. 4 in preparation for the winter season. The closures will impact facilities at Ford Park, Bighorn Park, Red Sandstone Park, Stephens Park, Ellefson Park and Buffehr Creek Park. Please plan accordingly. These restrooms will be reopened in the spring.  

Portable toilets will be provided for Bighorn Park, Red Sandstone Park and Stephens Park during the winter while Donovan Park restrooms remain open year-round.

For additional information, contact Charlie Turnbull in the town’s Public Works Department at 970-477-3425 or 970-390-3008.



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