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Vail to Conduct Polling Place Election for Upcoming November Regular Municipal Election

  • 10 August 2015
Vail to Conduct Polling Place Election for Upcoming November Regular Municipal Election

The Town of Vail Regular Municipal Election on Tuesday, Nov. 3 will be conducted as a polling place election at the Vail Municipal Building, 75 S. Frontage Road. Vail’s election will be a separate election from the Eagle County Coordinated Mail Ballot Election held on the same day. 

Voters will select four Town Council members who will join the remaining three members whose terms will expire in two years. The four council seats which become vacant are held by Andy Daly, Ludwig Kurz, Margaret Rogers and Dale Bugby.  Bugby and Kurz are eligible to run for re-election. Daly and Rogers are term-limited and cannot run again. The terms of the remaining council members, Jenn Bruno, Dave Chapin and Greg Moffet run to November 2017.

Absentee Voting
All registered Vail electors who won’t be voting in person at the polls on Nov. 3 must fill out an application for an absentee voter ballot. The application form is available from the Town Clerk’s Office in the Vail Municipal Building, 75 S. Frontage Road, or on the town’s website. The deadline to request and submit an absentee voting request form is Oct. 30. Absentee voting will begin at the Vail Municipal Building on Oct. 22 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and will continue through Nov. 3. All absentee ballots must be returned to the Town Clerk’s office by end of Election Day at 7 p.m. on Nov. 3.

Recent changes to the state’s election laws mean that Colorado municipalities no longer retain a permanent mail-in voter list which had been used in the past to facilitate the mail-in ballot process.  However, registered Vail electors can choose to become a permanent absentee voter in which a ballot would be mailed with every election in the future.  This status is accomplished by completing an application for “permanent absentee voter status” with the Town Clerk’s office. 

Voter Registration
To register to vote or verify your voter registration, or update your registration with a new address, go to (Colorado Secretary of State's Office) or (Eagle County Clerk and Recorder's Office). Please make changes by Oct. 26. Eligibility requirements are included at this website address; you must live in the State of Colorado at least 22 days prior to registering to vote. You have until Election Day, Nov. 3 to move into the town to vote in Vail; however, if you are not registered by Oct. 28, you will be required to register at one of the Eagle County Clerk’s voter service and polling center locations. Note: you will not be able to register at the Town of Vail offices. If you have moved, you must update your voter registration with your new residence address. Voters will also be able to register in person at the Eagle County Clerk & Recorder’s voter service and polling center locations up to the day of election.

Eagle County Coordinated Mail Ballot Election
In addition to the Town of Vail Regular Municipal at-the-polls (polling place) Election on Nov. 3, Eagle County will mail a separate ballot for any Eagle County, state or special district elections. All county elections in Colorado are now automatically mail ballot elections, so all registered voters in Eagle County will receive a mail ballot for those elections. The Town of Vail Municipal Building will also serve as a ballot drop box location for this mail ballot election. Please contact Eagle County Clerk and Recorders Office at 970-328-8715 with questions about the mail ballot election. 

For more election information, contact Patty McKenny in the Vail Town Clerk’s Office at 970-479-2136 or by email at




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