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Vail to Host Public Presentation on CDOT’s RoadX Program and Other Emerging Technologies

  • 30 August 2018

Peter KozinskiThe Town of Vail has arranged for Peter Kozinski, director of the RoadX Program at the Colorado Department of Transportation, to lead a presentation and discussion on emerging technologies during the Tuesday, Sept. 4 Vail Town Council meeting. Members of the community as well as representatives from agencies and organizations from throughout the region are welcome to attend. The presentation is listed as agenda item 5.1 and will take place from approximately 6:15 to 7:15 p.m. in the Vail Town Council Chambers, 75 S. Frontage Road. The session will include opportunities for questions and comments from the public.

As director of CDOT’s RoadX program, Kozinski is responsible for the identification and integration of technologies that will dramatically change how people travel and move goods. These advancements in mobility and connectivity are being implemented today and will increase with intensity in the upcoming years. Initiatives include:

  • Improved, localized driving, safety and navigation apps using real-time data
  • Connected vehicles and drivers with the capacity to “talk to” each other, helping to prevent accidents and speed the flow of traffic
  • Smarter trucking that moves goods and services more efficiently for the benefit of communities and industry
  • Improved, smarter systems in infrastructure, like ramps that help improve the flow of traffic and decrease the need for additional lanes
  • Infrastructure like virtual guardrails that “talk to cars” to prevent and eliminate crashes

Kozinski’s presentation will also include information on CDOT’s public-private partnerships that are being used to explore the feasibility of a full-scale Hyperloop system that could revolutionize how people and goods move, powered by an electric propulsion system (magnetic levitation - maglev) and traveling at speeds up to 700 mph. A Front Range route from Cheyenne to Pueblo is currently being studied after Colorado was named one of the 10 winners of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge in 2017.

Given the inevitability of these bold innovations, Kozinski says the long-term impacts for Vail and other communities along the Interstate 70 corridor are likely to be profound. “As a former resident of Eagle County, I know how important is it for people, good and services to move not just within the valley but also to and from the valley in a reliable fashion,” he said. “The advanced mobility efforts RoadX is undertaking will make this happen.” Kozinski’s presentation will include a discussion about what this means for Vail and ways in which the community can become a leader in harnessing these emerging technologies for the future.

For those unable to attend the session in person, the meeting will be live on Comcast Channel 5, is livestreamed at and the recording will be available the Thursday following the meeting at For additional details, contact Vail Town Clerk Patty McKenny at 970-479-2136.


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