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Vail Town Council Agrees to Allow Continued Use of Segways on Trial Basis; Additional Restrictions Contemplated

  • 18 January 2018

The use of electronic personal assistive mobility devices, more commonly known as Segways, will continue to be allowed in designated areas within Vail’s boundaries on a trial basis with additional restrictions contemplated by the Town Council.

During a discussion on the topic at the Jan. 16 Town Council meeting in which a draft ordinance was reviewed that would have banned the use of Segways on Vail's paved recreation trails and in the pedestrian Villages, a decision was made to consider a new ordinance that would add additional restrictions to the current allowances adopted in 2011 and to revisit the topic within a year.

The restrictions, to be considered at the Feb. 6 Town Council meeting, would limit the number of Segway operators in town to one business with a requirement that only guided tours be provided with a maximum of six people per group. While Segway rentals would be prohibited, personal use by Segway owners would continue to be allowed.  

The devices are currently authorized to operate on designated paved recreation trails and within the pedestrian zones of Vail Village and Lionhead Village. The 2011 ordinance also prohibits the use of Segways in certain areas of Ford Park, the village streamwalk, children's playgrounds, turf areas, natural/ unimproved areas and on streets and highways that are part of the state highway system.

There is currently one business in town, Vail Segway, based in Vail Village that is impacted by the regulations. During the Jan. 16 discussion, council members stressed the importance of training and safety procedures in sharing the recreation paths with other users.

Also to be reviewed at the Feb. 6 Town Council meeting will be an update to the town’s current ordinance regulating electric assisted bicycles. As drafted, the revised ordinance will more closely follow a new Colorado state law that classifies e-bikes into three “classes” and allows Class 1 and 2 e-bikes on paved recreation trails. The revised town ordinance to be considered is intended to provide continuity between jurisdictions.

For additional details, contact Gregg Barrie in the Public Works Department at 970-479-2337.



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