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Vail Town Council to Review Ordinance Modifying Use of E-Bikes and Segways

  • 15 February 2018

The Vail Town Council will consider first reading of an ordinance that would modify allowed uses of Segways and e-bikes within Vail’s boundaries at its evening meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 20. The ordinance is listed as action item 5.2 on the meeting agenda which begins at 6 p.m. in the Vail Town Council Chambers with opportunities for public comment.

As drafted, Ordinance No. 5 would continue to allow the use of electronic personal assistive mobility devices, more commonly known as Segways, in designated areas within Vail’s boundaries on a trial basis with additional restrictions. This includes limiting the number of Segway operators in town to one business with a requirement that only supervised tours be allowed with a maximum of 10 participants plus up to two guides. While unsupervised Segway rentals would be prohibited, personal owner-operated use by Segway owners would continue to be allowed in authorized locations.

Per a 2011 ordinance, the devices are allowed to operate on designated paved recreation trails and within the pedestrian zones of Vail Village and Lionhead Village. The existing regulations, which are being carried forward in the new ordinance, also prohibit the use of Segways in certain areas of Ford Park, the village streamwalk, children's playgrounds, turf areas, natural/unimproved areas and on streets and highways that are part of the state highway system. There is currently one business in town, Vail Segway, based in Vail Village that is impacted by the regulations.

Also included in the draft of Ordinance No. 5 is an amendment to the town’s regulations related to use of electric assisted bicycles. As drafted, the new ordinance more closely follows a new Colorado state law adopted in 2017 that classifies e-bikes into three “classes” and allows Class 1 and 2 e-bikes on paved recreation trails, while adding soft-surface trails to the list of prohibited areas. The town has allowed the use of electric assisted bicycles on its paved recreation trails since 2016; however, the new state law is prompting the recommended modifications which are intended to provide continuity between jurisdictions. 

For additional details, contact Gregg Barrie in the Public Works Department at 970-479-2337.




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