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Vail Town Manager Signs Executive Order Limiting Private Gatherings and Indoor Dining to Slow Spread of COVID-19

  • 2 December 2020
Vail Town Manager Signs Executive Order Limiting Private Gatherings and Indoor Dining to Slow Spread of COVID-19

Update: Town Council unanimously approved an emergency ordinance at its Dec. 1 meeting to ratify the executive order. The ordinance extends the restrictions to Dec. 15. 

An executive order has been signed by the Vail Town Manager that limits the size of private gatherings to a single household. The order also restricts indoor seating at restaurants and bars, where only members of the same household can be seated together. The order, effective Nov. 24 to Dec. 8, applies to all properties within Vail’s town boundaries. 

The order was executed today, Nov. 23, by Town Manager Scott Robson on behalf of the Vail Town Council and adds an additional layer to the Eagle County Public Health Order which was revised Nov. 16. Vail has also enacted an outdoor mask mandate as of Nov. 7. 

“Based on data we have reviewed from Eagle County, we recognize the elevated levels of community spread have shown to be most prevalent during private gatherings,” said Robson. “These household limitations have already been imposed in cities that have gone to Red on the state’s risk meter. As a municipality, we‘re in a position to do all we can to implore our community and our guests to do the right thing to limit our contacts so we can bring the numbers down and stay at the Orange level without more restrictions imposed by the county or state.” A change from Orange to Red could mean a remote learning situation for local schools, loss of indoor dining for restaurants and other restrictions.

The town has enlisted support from the Vail Chamber & Business Association and other partners in asking employees, employers, customers, residents, commuters, extended family members and visitors to comply with Robson’s order. Those living outside the town boundaries are also encouraged to take part.

Given the sense of urgency and the critical timing of the order, Robson is asking community members to modify their Thanksgiving plans if they exceed the single household restriction allowed for private gatherings. “We need to act now because the largest traditional multi-household gathering is only a few days ahead of us,” he said. “We need to bring our numbers down so we can provide appropriate care for our hospital patients, keep our schools and businesses open, keep our locals employed and provide the best possible experience for our guests. None of this can happen without our collective resolve to make a personal sacrifice and comply with the order.”

To report concerns, please call the police non-emergency number at 970-479-2200.

The executive order will be ratified by Town Council as an emergency ordinance at its Dec. 1 meeting. 

To review the order in full, click here.


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