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Weekly Construction Update for April 30

  • 28 April 2018

Primary Contact: Leonard Sandoval, Town of Vail Construction Area Coordinator
970-390-4677 or 970-479-2198;

Weekly Construction Update Meetings

Weekly contractor construction update meetings are taking place at 9 a.m. on Tuesdays in the Lionshead Welcome Center. Meetings will be held every Tuesday through the fall of 2018. The public is invited to attend.
Numerous Construction Projects Taking Place on behalf of Town of Vail
Ten town-sponsored maintenance and construction projects are getting underway this spring with additional projects taking place later in the year. The activities include numerous street and park maintenance commitments, water quality improvements and construction of a new parking structure. In all, the projects represent nearly $24 million in budgeted public improvements extending from West Vail to East Vail. Project descriptions are included below.

Cellular Service Disruptions Anticipated during Upgrade Project

Disruptions in local cellular service for customers of AT&T and Verizon could be experienced between April 30 and May 18 (see details below) as technicians work to install new equipment within Vail on behalf of Crown Castle, which owns and operates the town’s cellular system. Cellular service will be operating at minimum capacity during the construction, while free Wi-Fi service will be operating at normal capacity. Users may experience busy signals during peak times and are encouraged to hang up and try the call again. The ability for the Vail Public Safety Communications Center to receive emergency 911 cellular calls will not be impacted. The cellular upgrades are expected to be fully functional by Memorial Day weekend. Once completed, the cellular improvements will provide the ability for Crown Castle to add more carriers and provide additional AT&T coverage to the existing system.

Emergency Alert Testing on May 2

The Vail Public Safety Communications Center will be testing a new Wireless Emergency Alert system at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 2. The test is intended to be seen on smart phones between East Vail and West Vail, but might reach phones outside of the targeted test area. Visit for details.

Online Citizen Portal

Customers of the Community Development Department have access to a 24/7 online citizen portal to submit applications for contractor registration and various construction-related permits. The portal, at also accepts planning applications for review by the Design Review Board and Planning and Environmental Commission. In addition, residents can access the citizen portal to submit a code enforcement request or check to see the status of any permit activity in their neighborhood. To view frequently asked questions, visit

Email Notification Service for Contractors and Consultants

Sign up to receive automatic email notifications when new Town of Vail Bids or RFPs are released. Look for the RFPs, Bids and Notices tab at

Here’s a recap of the various construction projects currently ongoing in Vail as well as projects that will be beginning soon.

Vail Village

Vail Village Parking Structure Maintenance Work, 241 South Frontage Road
Work continues on washing and striping the Vail Village parking structure. Please use caution and avoid closed zones. Washing and striping of the Lionshead parking structure will begin following completion of the striping operation in the Vail Village structure. Town of Vail contact is John King, 970-376-0949.

Vail Village Wireless Improvements, 241 South Frontage Road
Crown Castle and Front Range Wireless will be replacing the internal cooling system in the hub site, located on the ground level of the Vail Transportation Center. The existing system is only 12.5 tons total and the condensing units are currently in the ceiling. The new system will be 45 tons of cooling with three external condensing units. Work includes minor excavation and placement of concrete on the south side of the Vail Transportation Center as well as additional work within the hub site. Start date is April 30, with a completion date of June 13. Contractor is Front Range Wireless, Aaron Kingstrom; Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval 970-390-4677.

Vail Village Parking Structure Restrooms, 241 South Frontage Road
The second and third level east and west restrooms in the Vail Village parking structure are closed for remodeling as of April 16. The closure will last for approximately 60 days. The third level restroom near the La Cantina restaurant will remain open. Town of Vail contact is John King, 970-376-0940.

Sitzmark at Vail, Water Service Line Repair, 183 Gore Creek Drive
Repair of the broken water service line is complete. Restoration of the landscaped and concrete repairs will soon follow. Temporary staging will be on Willow Bridge Road. Traffic control will be provided. Restoration will be done by ULF and Associates. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Slifer Square Repair Project/Covered Bridge
The Town of Vail has contracted with Icon Inc. of Gypsum to complete the Slifer Square Repair Project. Slifer Square, located between the Vail Village parking structure and the Covered Bridge, will under go necessary repair projects in 2018. Work includes replacing existing snowmelt mains, improved storm water quality, removal and replacement of heated pavers associated with the utility work as well as pavement replacement on Meadow Drive in front of the Austria Haus. The In-town bus will be rerouted onto the frontage road during the construction and pedestrian traffic will be routed around the construction to the covered bridge to maintain access to businesses in Vail Village. Temporary closures of the covered bridge will be taking place periodically. During those instances, pedestrians will be rerouted west to the International Bridge for access to the Village. Work is scheduled for the spring and fall Village construction seasons beginning April 16.  Work will stop June 29 for the July-August peak tourist season and begin again Sept. 4 with a final completion date of Nov. 15.  Project contacts are Albert Quintana with Icon Inc., 970-977-0561, and Chad Salli, Town of Vail, 970-376-2389.

Staub Park Improvements, 371 East Gore Creek Drive
Roger Staub Park is a pocket park located just west of Vorlaufer Condominiums in Vail Village. Hess Contracting Incorporated has been hired with improvements taking place April 16 through May 31. The project includes replacement of the existing concrete stairs, creation of turf slope to allow maintenance equipment to access the park area, replacement of the stone retaining wall, irrigation and landscaping. Project contacts are Raymond Hess at 970-471-0011; Town of Vail contact is Todd Oppenheimer, capital project manager/landscape architect, 970-479-2161.

Vail Transit Bus Stop Improvements at Vail Village and Lionshead Transit Centers
The Town of Vail will be adding two new bus stops at the Vail Village and Lionshead transit centers. The Vail Village Transit Center bus stop will add capacity with the construction of two new bus bays along the South Frontage Road in front of the Vail Village parking structure. The Lionshead Transit Center bus stop will add capacity with a new westbound stop in front of the Lionshead parking structure entry along the South Frontage Road. In addition, landscape improvements will be installed at the Lionshead structure in conjunction with the bus stop work.   Both projects are expected to be built this spring and have minimal impact on traffic during construction. Town of Vail project contact is Tom Kassmel, 970-479-2235.

Pirateship Park Safety Improvements
The Town of Vail will be installing a resilient surfacing and reconstructing a stairway on the Pirateship Park play structure next to Gondola One in Vail Village. The park will be fully closed during the work.  Reopening is anticipated on or before June 6. Contractor contact will be announced; Town of Vail contact is Gregg Barrie, landscape architect, at 970-479-2337.

Ski and Snowboard Club Vail Redevelopment, 598 Vail Valley Drive
Utility excavation work for water and sewer service is currently scheduled for May 7-18. This will require a single lane and sidewalk closure to allow a street cut on Vail Valley Drive. Vail Valley Drive will be narrowed to a single lane during working and non-working hours. Traffic control will be provided. For oversize vehicles, it is recommended that they avoid the Golden Peak area and detour from the east using Sunburst Drive and Vail Valley Drive. Construction activity is contained within the construction fenced area. Concrete pours continue.  The 90-ton crane is on site to assist with the installation of the steel structure, which is near completion, crane is schedule to be removed on May 11. This is a redevelopment of the Ski and Snowboard Vail site to include a private and public club and multi-family residential dwelling units. The bike path on the south side of the project is closed until the project is complete. Vail Valley Drive will see an increase in oversize vehicle construction traffic. Completion date is early winter 2018. General contractor is Viele and Company, David Viele, 970-476-3082. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Hill Building, 254 Bridge Street
Construction is ongoing. During the spring, work will include activity on the alleyway to Wall Street requiring access to be reduced to less than 10 feet. Please exercise caution in this area. Construction deliveries will continue to occur on Bridge Street for the project between 7 and 8:30 a.m. Oversize deliveries for the project on Upper Bridge Street will be coned off to keep pedestrians safe while material is delivered. Pedestrian traffic control will be provided. This is a major remodel of the building. Use of Bridge Street is allowed Monday through Saturday, April 16-June 22. Use of additional right-of-way requires submittal and approval of a public way permit. The trash dumpster will be staged on-site and fenced off. The project completion date is scheduled for fall of 2019. Contractor is Olson & Sons Construction Inc., Tim Olson, 970-390-7303. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Plaza Lodge, Unit R1, 291 Bridge Street
The project consists of a major remodel to a second story unit within the Plaza Lodge, directly above the Christy Sports store. Completion date is scheduled for early spring 2018. Contractor is Nedbo Construction, Mike Losey 970-977-0329. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.
Vail Health Hospital East Enabling Work
Demolition of the existing parking structure is underway. All construction traffic will enter and exit on West Meadow Drive, which will see an increase in oversize vehicle traffic. In addition, removal of dirt is currently underway on the north side of the South Frontage Road. Please exercise caution along South Frontage Road and West Meadow Drive near the construction project. Phase II of the Master Facility Plan includes the tear-down and replacement of the current east wing administration building and garage, replacing it with a new garage and new building to house new emergency and imaging departments, as well as a new lobby, central plant, tenant space and material management department. All hospital services will remain open and fully functional throughout the construction. To access the Emergency Department, use West Meadow Drive. Hospital patients and visitors should park in the hospital parking lot on South Frontage Road West. Patients and guests of the Medical Professional Building (US Bank) should park in the lot accessible by West Meadow Drive. Please see map. Contractor is G.E. Johnson Construction Company, Christian Earl, 307-203-9242.Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Row House Unit 8, 303 Gore Creek Drive
Work consists of an interior and exterior remodel; work will be contained within property boundaries and construction fencing. Project completion is scheduled for fall of 2018. Contractor is Cuccia Construction, Guy Cuccia, 970-471-6456. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Row House Units 9 & 10, 303 Gore Creek Drive
Single lane closures are scheduled for deliveries and concrete pours throughout the spring and summer months; traffic control will be provided. Construction activity will be contained within property boundaries and construction fencing. Project consists of an interior and exterior remodel. Contractor is Beck Building, Gary Kendall, 720-202-5645. Town of Vail Contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Row House Units 11 & 12, 303 Gore Creek Drive
Project consists of an interior/exterior remodel and addition. Project completion date is currently scheduled for spring of 2018. Contractor is SRE Building Associates, Steve Stone, 970-376-3638. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.


Sunbird Park Maintenance
The Town of Vail will be refinishing the wood play structures and replacing several play components at Sunbird Park, located in the Lionshead Mall. The park will be fully closed during the work.  Reopening is anticipated on or before June 6. Contractor contact will be announced; Town of Vail contact is Gregg Barrie, landscape architect, at 970-479-2337.

Lionsquare Lodge South Interior Renovation, 660 Lionshead Place
All work is currently contained within the site boundaries. The project includes interior upgrades to the existing conference room, including new celling finishes, room dividers, lighting and interior trim. Contractor is R.A. Nelson & Associates Inc., Matt Anderson. Town of Vail Contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Vail Marriott Interior Renovation, 715 West Lionshead Circle
The project includes renovation of existing ballrooms, meeting rooms and associated corridors and the renovation of existing guest rooms and corridors. Construction start date was March 26 with a completion date of mid-September. Contractor is Digney York Associates LLC, Don Glorius, 703-790-5281. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.


Gore Valley Trail Reconstruction – West Vail South
The Town of Vail will be reconstructing approximately 2,700 linear feet of the Gore Valley Trail between Matterhorn Drive (Donovan Park) and the West Vail Conoco. Trail users will be accommodated on the shoulders of the South Frontage Road and West Gore Creek Drive as needed. Project contacts are Roby Forsyth, RPM Construction at 970-471-5584; Town of Vail contact is Gregg Barrie, landscape architect, at 970-479-2337.
Red Sandstone Elementary School Parking Garage, 551 North Frontage Road West
Excavation is taking place on the site. Access to the school and the gymnastics center will be maintained as a clear zone until the school closes for the summer. Utility excavations and parking lot work will close access to the gymnastics center in mid-June. This project has a completion date of Nov. 15, 2018. The Town of Vail and Eagle County Schools are jointly constructing a four-level, 160 space parking structure on the current Red Sandstone School site. The work will include extensive site work to establish a loop road around the parking structure to allow access to each level while at the same time provide a one-way loop road for school drop-off and pick up. Contractor is Haselden Construction, Justin Fahnestock, 303-549-8589. Town of Vail contact is Chad Salli, 970-479-2169.

Solar Vail Apartments, 501 N. Frontage Road West
The existing employee housing located just east of the Vail Gymnastics Center will be demolished and replaced with a 4-story, 65-unit rental housing development for Sonnenalp Resorts. Asbestos abatement and building demolition will take place in May and June followed by the construction of a cast-in-place underground parking structure and a wood framed building. Occupancy is anticipated by October 2019. Contractor is RA Nelson, Justin Pronga, 970-471-0509. Town of Vail Contact is Leonard Sandoval 970-390-4677.

West Vail Roundabout/ South Frontage Road Concrete Repair
The normal roundabout traffic flow is anticipated to be back to normal by the end of day Monday, April 30.  Work will continue in the area through May 4, so please use caution.

The exit 173 West Vail roundabout concrete repair project includes the removal and replacement of the concrete pavement within the West Vail south roundabout (2,000 SF), concrete patch repair of the bridge deck (75 SF), removal and replacement of the east concrete sidewalk under I-70 (1,600 SF)  and the removal and replacement of stone veneer (250 SF) under I-70. In order to facilitate this work, from April 16 through May 11 the West Vail South roundabout will be modified into a ‘T’ intersection, with two-way thru-traffic on the north side of the roundabout, and all entering north legs being required to stop. The eastbound West Vail exit will be closed to all large trucks and oversized loads, but will accommodate passenger vehicles, vans and buses. Contractor is Kraemer North America, Carl Dewey, 970-720-8507. Town of Vail contact is Tom Kassmel, 970-376-1664.

Chamonix Vail, 2310 Chamonix Road 
The construction of all ten new residential buildings is complete. Nearly 75 percent of the new townhomes are now occupied by the new homeowners. The contractor is continuing to demobilize from the construction site. The anticipated completion date is April 23. The final landscape work will resume at Chamonix Vail as soon as warmer temperatures and weather permits. All final landscape work will be completed prior to June 18. Contact Jason Kiefer, RA Nelson, 970-471-3923 or George Ruther, Town of Vail, 970-376-2675.

Doubletree Hotel, 2211 North Frontage Road (formally the Holiday Inn)
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy was issued on Feb. 16. The certificate was effective immediately and is contingent upon some outstanding items that still require completion, some of which cannot happen until the spring season. All fire and safety items have been verified and the hotel can now be occupied. The work has included renovation of the interior/exterior of the hotel, pool area upgrades and parking lot improvements. Start date was Aug. 15, 2016. Contact person is Larry Paige, 315-400-9732.

Sewer Main Improvements, Bridge Road and Recreation Path in East Vail
The Eagle River Water & Sanitation District, in cooperation with the Town of Vail, will install new sewer main and manholes along Bridge Road, north of Gore Creek, and along the recreation path west of Bridge Road to near the I-70 East Vail interchange. Mobilization begins April 30. A recreation path detour will be set up near the south side of the East Vail interchange, directing path users to Bighorn Road. In early June, the Bridge Road bridge will be closed for one week and access to Bridge Road will be via Lupine Drive. The project should finish in late June. Eagle River Water and Sanitation District contact is Melissa Marts, 970-471-1329. Town of Vail contact is Chad Salli, 970-479-2169.

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