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Weekly Construction Update for Jan. 25

  • 22 January 2016

Primary Contact: Leonard Sandoval, Town of Vail Construction Area Coordinator
970-390-4677 or 970-479-2198;

Weekly Construction Update Meetings Resume in Spring

The fall weekly construction update meetings have ended for the season and will resume in the spring. If you have questions about remaining construction projects, contact Leonard Sandoval, Town of Vail area construction coordinator, at 970-479-2198 or email


Here’s a recap of the various construction projects in and around Vail.

Golf Course Neighborhood

Vail Golf & Nordic Clubhouse Renovation, 1775 Sunburst Drive 
Steel and wood framing of the structure is ongoing. Work started on the north side of the building, working towards the south. Landscaping to restore the golf course is scheduled for the spring of 2016. The overall project includes significant improvements to the clubhouse, new utilities, drainage, parking lot improvements and the installation of temporary structures to allow for golf and Nordic operations during construction. As part of the renovation, all existing uses of the building, such as the pro shop, Nordic center, restaurant and cart storage will receive significant improvements. The project also includes a modest expansion to accommodate community uses. Completion of project is currently scheduled for September 2016. The contractor is Evans Chaffee Construction Group. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677 or 970-479-2198;

Vail Village

Patagonia Remodel, 286 Bridge Street
Minor remodel work includes new electrical and data wiring, mechanical distribution, store fixtures and graphics. Contractor is Beck Building Company, Chris Keran, 970-471-2704.

Vail Valley Medical Center Phase 1: West Wing, 181 West Meadow Dr.
Work on the project will continue throughout the winter months and will be contained within the construction fence. This project consists of a new fourth floor and expansions on the south and west sides. All construction vehicle access will enter and exit on Vail Road/West Meadow Drive. All hospital services will remain open and fully functional throughout the construction. To access the Emergency Department, use West Meadow Drive. All other patients and visitors should access the hospital via South Frontage Road West. Phase I is scheduled to be completed in 2017. Contractor is G.E. Johnson Construction Company, Kevin Fone, 303-901-8878. VVMC Construction Team contacts are Mike Pritchard, 970-471-9367, and Mark Lehman, 970-471-9662. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Gorsuch Building, Commissary Restaurant, 263 Gore Creek Dr.
Construction work will continue throughout the winter months with all activity taking place behind the construction fence. All construction deliveries will occur prior to 10:30 a.m. unless approval is granted by the Town of Vail. This project is for a full-service restaurant in the prior Ore House location and includes interior and exterior improvements. The estimated completion date is spring 2016. Contractor is Rocky Mountain Construction Group; contact is Mark Hallenbeck, 719-499-9248.

Sebastian Unit 507 reconstruction, 16 Vail Road 
Construction fence has been pushed back allowing the sidewalk to open. Work on the interior of the building will continue throughout the winter months. Landscaping is scheduled for spring 2016. Remodel consists of exterior and interior work to the fifth floor and roof. Project completion date is April 2016. Contractor is Haselden Construction. Contact is Brandon Hern, 303-482-7685.

Lionshead Village

Skatepark at Lionshead parking structure, 350 South Frontage Road West
The project is on hold for the winter months. Work will resume and is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2016. Contractor is California Skateparks. Contact is Steve Berger, 909-721-7341. Town of Vail contact is Todd Oppenheimer, 970-479-2161. 

The Lion Redevelopment (formerly Strata and Lionshead Inn and Lionshead Annex), 705 W. Lionshead Circle
Construction activity is currently contained within the fence. Completion of the project is scheduled during the 2016/2017 winter season. Impacts include various periodic single lane closures along the South Frontage Road and West Lionshead Circle throughout the duration of the project. Contractor is PCL Construction, Inc. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-479-2198.


I-70 Vail Underpass Project
Starting April 4, the temporary median detours will be used to divert traffic to a head-to-head configuration on either the eastbound or westbound side of I-70 while the underpass bridge is built on the opposite side of the highway. The project is scheduled for completion by December 2017. For updated project information, visit, or call 970-685-7706.

Lion’s Ridge Apartment Homes construction (redevelopment of eastern half of Timber Ridge), 1265 N. Frontage Road W.
Construction continues on buildings 3 & 4. All work will be contained within the construction fencing. Completion of entire project is scheduled for spring 2016. This project involves the demolition of 102 two-bedroom units and the construction of 112 new one- and two-bedroom units. Contractor is RA Nelson. Town of Vail contact is George Ruther, 970-479-2145.


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