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Weekly Construction Update, Oct. 2

  • 30 September 2017

Primary Contact: Leonard Sandoval, Town of Vail Construction Area Coordinator
970-390-4677 or 970-479-2198;

I-70 Vail Underpass Alert

From Monday, Oct. 2 through Friday, Oct. 6, alternating lane closures are possible along I-70 for curb work and lane striping. These alternating lane closures are scheduled each day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. along eastbound I-70 and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. along westbound I-70.

Weekly Construction Meetings

The Town of Vail is hosting weekly construction meetings to review upcoming project schedules with an emphasis on public and private construction activity in Vail Village and Lionshead. Neighbors, contractors and others impacted by the spring construction are invited to participate. The meetings are held at 9 a.m. each Tuesday on the ground level of the Welcome Center in Lionshead and will continue to Nov. 14.

Vail Village & Lionshead Construction Allowances

Construction activity is permitted in the commercial core areas from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week from April 15 through June 23 and from Sept. 5 through Nov. 15. Vail Village deliveries are restricted to 7 to 10:30 a.m. on Gore Creek Drive and 7 to 8:30 a.m. on Bridge Street. Special construction delivery permits must be requested in advance from the Public Works Department. No construction activity within the town’s right-of-way is allowed from June 24 through Sept. 4 and from Nov. 15 through April 15, as well as holidays and the following special events: Go Pro Mountain Games, (Vail Village) June 8-11;  Vail Craft Beer Classic, (Vail Village) June 17; Vail Arts Festival, (Lionshead) June 23- 25; Vail Farmers Market/Art Show, (East Meadow Drive, Sundays only) June 18-Oct. 1; Vail Kids Adventure Games, (Vail Village) Aug. 9-13; Vail Oktoberfest, (Lionshead) – Sept. 8-10;  Vail Oktoberfest, (Vail Village) Sept. 15 – 17; Vail Automotive Classic, (Vail Village) Sept. 8-10; Taste of Vail South American Wine Tasting, (Vail Village) Sept. 21- 24; Slow Fashion Vail, (Gore Creek Dr.) Sept. 22-23; Outlier Off-Road Festival, (Vail Village) Sept. 30-Oct. 1; and Vail Snowdays, (Vail Village) Dec. 8-10.

Vail Police: Be Bear Aware

The Vail Police Department is reminding contractors to be mindful about bears and other wildlife. Construction sites are required to use bear-proof containers. Be sure to remove all food items from vehicles and keep them locked. Report all bear activity by calling the police department at 479-2201.

New Online Citizen Portal

 Customers of the Community Development Department now have access to a new 24/7 online citizen portal to submit applications for contractor registration and various construction-related permits. The portal, at also accepts planning applications for review by the Design Review Board and Planning and Environmental Commission. In addition, residents can access the citizen portal to submit a code enforcement request or check to see the status of any permit activity in their neighborhood. To view frequently asked questions, visit

New Email Notification Service for Contractors and Consultants

Sign up to receive automatic email notifications when new Town of Vail Bids or RFPs are released. Look for the RFPs, Bids and Notices tab at

Here’s a recap of the various construction projects in and around Vail.

Ford Park

Ford Park Improvements
The majority of the work at Ford Park has been completed. Final gate installation is occurring. Town of Vail contact is Todd Oppenheimer at 970-479-2161.

Vail Village

Ski and Snowboard Club Vail Redevelopment, 598 Vail Valley Drive
This is a redevelopment of the Ski and Snowboard Vail site to include a private and public club and multi-family residential dwelling units. Excavation and removal of dirt is ongoing. Foundation work soon to follow, pending approval of the permit. The bike path on the south side of the project is closed until project is complete. Vail Valley Drive will see an increase in oversize vehicle construction traffic. Completion date is fall of 2018. General contractor is Viele and Company, David Viele, 970-476-3082. Town of Vail Contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Hill Building, 254 Bridge Street
A small tower crane is scheduled to be installed on site upon issuance of the building permit. This is a major remodel of the building. Demolition of the structure upper levels is underway.  Trash will be removed between the hours of 7 and 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday unless a public way permit has been submitted, approved and issued outside of the village delivery hours. The trash dumpster will be staged on site and fenced off. The project completion date is scheduled for fall of 2019. Contractor is Olson & Sons Construction Inc., Tim Olson, 970-390-7303. Town of Vail Contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Plaza Lodge, Unit R1, 291 Bridge Street
Material delivery (steel, wood, etc.) for the remodel improvements are ongoing and scheduled for the morning hours of 7 to 8:30 a.m. The project consists of a major remodel to a second story unit within the Plaza Lodge, directly above the Christy Sports store. Trash removal will take place during normal loading and delivery hours. Completion date is scheduled for summer 2018. Contractor is Nedbo Construction, Mike Losey 970-977-0329. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.
Red Lion Inn Condo # 3 Renovation, 304 Bridge Street
Work continues mostly contained within the construction fence and property boundaries. Work consists of adding 714 square feet to level 1 and level 2 of Unit 3. Completion date is spring of 2018. Contractor is Beck Building Company, Kevin Fifield, 970-904-1283. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

East Meadow Drive Bus Route Closure at the Covered Bridge
On Tuesday, Oct. 3, East Meadow Drive at the Covered Bridge bus stop will be closed bus traffic to allow the staging of a crane to lift material to the third level of the Village Transit Center.
Pedestrian access will be maintained; however, for safety reasons, certain areas and stairs will be closed while material is being lifted. Closure is scheduled between 9 a.m. through 3 p.m. Contractor is RK Mechanical, Mike Boing, 970-640-7965. Town of Vail Contact is John King 970-479-2170.

Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum, 231 East Meadow Drive
Remodel of existing Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum and Hall of Fame. Work is underway; completion date is scheduled for Dec. 15, 2017. Contractor is Nedbo Construction, Michele VonDaggenhasuen, 970-445-7024. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Vail Health Hospital East Enabling Work
Underground utilities work along the South Frontage Road to relocate the gas service line to the Town of Vail Municipal Building is scheduled to start on Monday, Oct. 2.  Centurylink and Holy Cross Energy crews will also be on site working to complete their portion of work. Traffic control will be provided as needed. Single lane and shoulder closures during daylight working hours can be expected between the Town Center roundabout and the Lionshead parking structure. The utility relocation is required in preparation for Phase II of the Master Facility Plan, which includes the demolition of the southeast building, currently scheduled for the winter 2017/2018 season. The east wing will include the tear-down and replacement of the current east wing administration building and garage, replacing it with a new garage and new building to house new emergency and imaging departments, as well as a new lobby, central plant, tenant space and material management department. All hospital services will remain open and fully functional throughout the construction. To access the Emergency Department, use West Meadow Drive. Hospital patients and visitors should park in the hospital parking lot on South Frontage Road West. Patients and guests of the Medical Professional Building (US Bank) should park in the lot accessible by West Meadow Drive. Please see map. Contractor is G.E. Johnson Construction Company, Christian Earl, 307-203-9242.Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Row House Unit 8, 303 Gore Creek Drive

Work consists of an interior and exterior remodel; work will be contained within property boundaries and construction fencing. Project completion is scheduled for fall of 2018. Contractor is Cuccia Construction, Guy Cuccia, 970-471-6456. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Row House Units 9 & 10, 303 Gore Creek Drive
Project consists of an interior and exterior remodel. New electrical conduits and excavation on Gore Creek Drive to provide updated and additional electrical power to units 8-12 is scheduled to start on the week of September 18. This will require a single lane and sidewalk closure on Gore Creek Drive. Traffic control will be provided. Completion of utility work is scheduled for October 27, 2017. Contractor is Beck Building, Steve Boderck, 970-471-1654. Town of Vail Contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Row House Units 11 & 12, 303 Gore Creek Drive
Project consists of an interior/exterior remodel and addition. Project completion date is currently scheduled for spring of 2018. Contractor is SRE Building Associates, Justin Marschalk, 970-376-2944. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Lionshead Village

Montaneros, 684 West Lionshead Circle
Work consists of structural repairs, waterproofing, roof extensions and re-roofing. Work is ongoing and contained within the property; completion date is scheduled for fall of 2017. Contractor is R.A. Nelson & Associates, Matt Anderson, 970-471-3459.

The Lion Redevelopment, 705 W. Lionshead Circle
Landscaping and other remaining improvements are ongoing and work is scheduled to be completed by late summer 2017. Contractor is PCL Construction, Inc. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-479-2198.


Vail Memorial Park Expansion
Expansion and improvements to Phase III of the park include new walk ways, new memorial walls, benches and 50 memorial boulders. Work is scheduled to begin the week of Oct. 2 with completion scheduled for Nov. 15, pending weather conditions. Access for construction vehicles to the park is only available through the bike path between Aspen Court and the park, so please exercise cautions when using the path. Contractor is The Gallegos Corporation and Edwards Excavating. Memorial Park personal contact is Farnham St. John, 970-470-1102. Town of Vail Contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-390-4677.

Booth Falls Road Utility Work near Trailhead
Centurylink has hired Pauley Construction to bore a new phone line from the intersection of Booth Falls Road/Booth Falls Court to the Booth Falls Trailhead parking lot. Work start date is pending permit approval. A single lane closure is required, traffic control will be provided. Contractor is Pauley Construction, TJ Heffron, 720-442-4293. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval 970-390-4677.

Town of Vail Forest Fuels Reduction Project
The Town of Vail and the U.S. Forest Service have initiated a large-scale project to remove the dead trees in the Matterhorn and Intermountain neighborhoods. A specialized helicopter is being used with removal of logs from the forest to town-owned land on Upper Matterhorn Circle, where they are being staged and hauled away. This activity requires a full street closure Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. between 1543 and 1593 Upper Matterhorn Circle to all vehicle traffic while this activity is ongoing. This project is scheduled to be completed by Oct. 15. Heavy truck activity can be expected on Basingdale Boulevard/Kinnikinnick Road (Intermountain neighborhood) and on Upper and Lower Matterhorn Circle (Matterhorn neighborhood). Town of Vail Contact is Paul Cada, 970-477-3475, Vail Fire and Emergency Services.

I-70 Vail Pass Frost Heaves Project
Speeds will be reduced to 45 mph through the length of the project and there will be an 11-foot width restriction in place during working hours. The project is to be complete by mid-November. For project updates, email or call the project hotline at 970-306-4549.

Vail Pass Sediment Basin Access Road Construction
Through Oct. 6, CDOT contractor Ewing Trucking & Construction will be constructing an access road from the Vail Pass Recreation Trail to a large sediment basin along Black Gore Creek on the north side of I-70. Each Monday at 7 a.m. (Labor Day an exception) through Friday at noon, a portion of the recreation trail adjacent to I-70 MM 182 is reduced to 10-feet wide so equipment can be staged. The trail is not closed at any time. Project line - 970-401-0862 or email

I-70 Vail Underpass Construction
From Monday, Oct. 2, through Friday, Oct. 6, alternating lane closures are possible along I-70 for curb work and lane striping. These alternating lane closures are scheduled each day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. along eastbound I-70, and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. along westbound I-70. In the meantime, the area beneath the underpass will remain closed to vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists throughout the remainder of construction. The frontage roads will also remain in their current configuration until project completion — the South Frontage Road will serve eastbound drivers only, while the North Frontage Road will serve westbound drivers only. Outside the project work zone, the Frontage Roads will accommodate two-way travel between the West Vail and Vail Town Center interchanges. Frontage Road drivers who are traveling in the opposite direction of these one-way sections will be able to turn around or use alternate routes along I-70 or the opposite Frontage Road to reach their destination. Due to the construction, the West Vail Green line will be suspended while the West Vail Red line will run from the Vail Transit Center west on the North Frontage Road to the South Frontage Road. Please check spring bus schedule for details. There are no impacts to other transit providers, including ECO, Bustang and Greyhound. To accommodate increased summer travel, the South Frontage Road Vail Town Center roundabout has been restriped to allow two lanes of through travel from the south roundabout, through the north roundabout and onto westbound I-70.  The project is scheduled for completion in fall of 2017. For updated project information, visit, or call the project hotline at 970-685-7706. To help commuters plan their drives and to follow progress of the construction, a webcam has been installed. Visit the project website or go to to view.

East Vail Berm
Expansion of the East Vail berm has resumed. End dump semi trucks are hauling dirt to the site with access, via I-70. In total, more than 8,000 cubic yards of dirt will be added to the berm site. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-479-2198.
Chamonix Vail, 2310 Chamonix Road 
Vertical construction on the site continues with the framing of the garage and first floor interior walls. Much of the on site framing is complete. Modular system and roof truss assembly is underway resulting in frequent semi truck deliveries and overhead crane work. Minor delays on Chamonix Lane are to be expected as the large trucks maneuver onto the site. Alternate routes into the neighborhoods are advised. Construction activity is happening seven days per week and will continue until all of the homes are set, roofs assembled, and the buildings are completely dried in. The anticipated completion date is March 31, 2018. Contact Weston Bierma, RA Nelson, 970-471-8314 or George Ruther, Town of Vail, 970-376-2675.

Hotel Talisa (formerly Vail Cascade Resort and Spa) Renovation, 1300 Westhaven Dr.
This $50 million renovation project includes upgrades to guest rooms, restaurant, market, lounge and bar area, new spa and more. The Aria Athletic Club and Spa and Vail Cascade Condominiums will remain open throughout the construction, project completion date is fall 2017. General Contractor is PWI Construction, Jack Lavelle, 702-218-3953. Town of Vail contact is Leonard Sandoval, 970-479-2198.

Doubletree Hotel, 2211 North Frontage Road (formally the Holiday Inn)
Work includes renovation of the interior/exterior of the hotel, pool area upgrades and parking lot improvements. Start date was Aug. 15, 2016, completion date scheduled for fall 2017. Contact person is Larry Paige, 315-400-9732.

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