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What is the Comprehensive Open Lands Plan?

  • 29 December 2016

What is the Comprehensive Open Lands Plan?

The Town of Vail Comprehensive Open Lands Plan was adopted in 1994 and has provided the town with a framework of recommended actions intended to establish a comprehensive system of public benefits, including parks, recreation, protection of sensitive habitats, trails and land to be reserved for public uses including public buildings and employee housing. Many of the actions identified in the 22-year-old plan have been accomplished. The plan’s successes can be seen throughout town, including acquisition of the East Vail waterfall parcel, development of the North Trail, acquisition of land for the West Vail Fire Station as well as the future Chamonix Neighborhood, among others. More than 30 of the 52 parcels identified in the plan have either been acquired, are close to being acquired or have met the objective of the plan without acquisition.


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