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What’s on Your Mind…Regarding the Town Lands and Housing?

  • 29 December 2016

One of the objectives of the 1994 Comprehensive Open Lands planning process was to identify future public needs that would require land. Soon after, the Vail Town Council adopted Resolution No. 14, approving and adopting the Forest Service Land Ownership Adjustment Plan, which stated that, “all lands acquired by the Town of Vail are to be used for public purposes such as open space, employee housing, recreation or for the resolution of unauthorized uses.”

Creating, providing and retaining high quality, affordable, and diverse housing opportunities for Vail residents is one of the town’s major goals. The 1994 Open Lands Plan advocated the use of town land and the acquisition of new lands (including U.S. Forest Service lands) to be used for housing.

  • Under what circumstances should the town pursue or preserve open lands for future housing opportunities? 




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