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What’s on Your Mind…Regarding Trails?

  • 29 December 2016

The town has an existing network of paved and “soft-surface” trails throughout the town that accommodates a variety of users - from hikers, to walkers, road bikers, mountain bikers, in-line skaters and babies in strollers. The 1994 Open Lands Plan envisioned the concept of a trail system between neighborhoods “similar to trails found in the Alps where interconnected trails allow hikers to move around and to mountain villages,” with trailheads in each neighborhood. Trails provide both recreational opportunities and the ability for individuals to access and enjoy the town’s open lands and adjoining USFS lands. But if not sensitively designed and constructed, the development of new trails also brings with it the potential for adverse impacts from things like site disturbance, erosion and introducing human activity to wildlife habitat.

  • Under what circumstances should the town pursue a connected neighborhood trail system? What factors should be considered?




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