North America's Premier International Resort Community


North America's Premier International Resort Community


Spring Bus Routes, Schedules, & Info

The Town of Vail Transit Department provides free year-round bus service throughout Vail.

The town's free bus service offers its residents and guests timely service to and from Vail Mountain and throughout town.


Vail Transit is making every effort to transport passengers in a safe and efficient manner using guidance provided by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Here’s what you should know:

  • For your safety, starting Dec. 21 buses are running at a reduced capacity of 20 people; plan ahead and expect delays
  • Doors will be closed when capacity is reached; extra buses will be used during AM and PM peak times
  • Face coverings are required by everyone (age 3 and older) while riding on the bus
  • Face coverings are required to be worn at all transit stops when others are present and in the designated mask mandate zone within the villages. 
  • Be respectful of others and create physical separation to the extent possible while riding
  • Plan your non-essential trips during non-peak times
  • Service between Golden Peak, Vail Village and Lionshead has been adjusted to route on the frontage road. As a result, walking will be required to reach pedestrian destinations along East and West Meadow Drive in Vail Village as well as the Vail Public Library and Dobson Ice Arena.
  • Offering an additional layer of protection, Vail has pioneered the use of a Synexis anti-microbial system on all buses.
  • Follow all posted public health protocols
  • Be patient. Be kind.

Spring schedule runs April 12, 2021 to May 30, 2021

HOURS 7:50A TO 11:50P

West Vail Red Bus Schedule & Times


West Vail Red
  7:50A to 7:50P 7:50P to 11:50P
:60 min intervals 2 hour intervals
Vail Transportation Center :50
Middle Creek :52
Sandstone School :53
Timber Ridge :56
Post Office :57
Lower Buffehr Creek :58
West Vail Mall :00
Chamonix :02
Underpass :05
Intermountain :07
Meadow Creek :09
Underpass :11
Spruce Creek :12
Matterhorn :14
Ptarmigan :16
Spruce Creek :17
Cascade Village :19
Cascade Crossings :20
West Lionshead Plaza :22
Lionshead Transit Center :23
Municipal Building :24
Vail Transportation Center :30

HOURS 6:30A TO 10:30P


West Vail Green Bus Schedules & Times


West Vail Green
6:30A to 6:30P 6:30P to 10:30P

:60 min intervals 2 hour intervals
Transportation Center :30
Municipal Building  :32
W. Lionshead Plaza :34
Cascade Crossing :36
Cascade Village :38
Matterhorn :41
Ptarmigan :43
Underpass :45
Intermountain :47
Meadow Creek :49
Underpass :51
Chamonix :53
Pine Ridge :55
Vail Commons :56
Buffehr Creek :57
Timber Ridge :00
Sandstone School :02
Middle Creek :03
Transportation Center  :10

HOURS 7:10A TO 11:10P


East Vail Bus Schedule & Times


East Vail
7:10A to 7:10P 7:10P to 11:10P

:60 min intervals 2 hour intervals
Transportation Center  :10
Aspen Lane :15
Booth Falls :16
Falls at Vail :18
Pitkin Creek :20
Lupine/Bighorn Rd. :21
Columbine/Bighorn Rd. :22
Streamside Circle :23
Timber Falls :24
Racquet Club :25
Bighorn Park :26
Meadow Lane East :27
Meadow Drive :28
Main Gore/Juniper :29
Main Gore/Bighorn :30
Racquet Club Townhomes :31
Streamside E./Bighorn Rd. :32
Spruce Way :33
Columbine/Bighorn Rd. :33
Lupine/Bighorn Rd. :34
Pitkin Creek Park :35
Falls at Vail :36
Booth Falls :37
Bald Mtn. Rd. :38
Transportation Center  :50

HOURS 7:10A TO 9:10P


Sandstone Bus Schedule & Times

At 11:30pm on request only, one bus will run to Sandstone (outbound from the Vail Transportation Center).


  7:10A to 9:10A 11:10A to 3:10P 4:10P to 7:10P 9:10P
:60 min intervals 2 hour intervals :60 min intervals
Vail Transportation Center :10
Middle Creek :12
Sandstone School :13
Red Sandstone Road :15
Vail View/Red Sandstone Rd. :17
Sandstone Creek Club :19
Simba Run :20
Vail Run :21
Sandstone School :23
Middle Creek :24
Vail Transportation Center :30

HOURS 7:30A TO 9:30P


Golf Course Bus Schedule & Times

At 12:30am on request only, one bus will run the golf Course (outbound from the Vail Transportation Center).

Golf Course

  7:30A to 9:30A 11:30A to 3:30P 4:30P to 7:30P 9:30P
:60 min intervals 2 hour intervals :60 min intervals
Vail Transportation Center :30
Hanson Ranch Rd :32
Godlen Peak :33
Soccer Field :34
Ptarmigan West :35
Ptarmigan East :36
1448 Vail Valley Dr :37
1610 Sunburst :38
Club House :40
1610 Sunburst :41
Pulis Bridge :42
Ford Park :44
Vail Transportation Center :50

Joyce Rihanek
Vail Transit

Bus Department Lost & Found:

Police Lost & Found:

24 Hour Bus Info:

  • Phone: 970-477-3456

  • Be early to your stop. 
  • No smoking or alcohol allowed. 
  • No pets allowed. 
  • The Town of Vail provides next day wheelchair equipped complimentary Para Transit service for those who are unable to use our fixed route buses.  Eligibility / Medical Certification forms can be found on our website.
  • There is no charge to ride our buses.
  • Please stand behind the yellow line. 
  • On outlying routes, pull the stop request cord or strip before your stop. 
  • Strollers are not allowed to block doors or aisles.  Please collapse your stroller. 
  • Gather all your belongings before exiting the bus. 
  • Bike racks are provided on the front of outlying buses.   Bikes are not permitted inside buses.  Bikes are not allowed on the Vail Village/Lionshead buses. 
  • All Town of Vail buses are equipped with cameras for security purposes.