Town of Vail Civic Area Planning

The Town of Vail is creating a master plan to guide the future development and use of Town owned properties in the Lionshead area. The study area includes the Lionshead transportation center, charter bus lot, Dobson arena, Vail library, lot 10 parking area (currently used by Vail Health) and the surrounding rights-of-way. The Civic Area Master Plan will also include the Vail Municipal Building site on South Frontage Road. The master planning process will study how the Town can best use the lands in the study area to meet the community's needs and goals.

The master planning process will help the Town Council and the community to identify a vision for future use or development of these buildings and lands within the study area. The Civic Area Master Plan will help ensure that the uses and the design of future development meet the functional and programming needs of the community, meet the goals of the Lionshead Redevelopment Master Plan, and also represent the Vail brand. Once adopted, the Civic Area Master Plan will help guide future decision making and implementation within the civic area.

An important part of the Civic Area planning process includes a citizen engagement process to identify community needs and public facilities desires, an analysis to determine which uses best fit within the study area and how the uses might positively impact and benefit the Vail community. The community is encouraged to participate in the planning process by attending public meetings on the Civic Area and participating in the planning process.

 To learn more and to provide your input on the Civic Area Master Plan, click here. Fore more information, please contact Matt Gennett at (970)479.2146.

Matt Gennett
Director of Community Development

Chris Neubecker
Planning Manager

Jonathan Spence
Senior Planner