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Recreational Marijuana Working Group

In 2012, Constitutional Amendment 64 was passed by the voters in Colorado allowing for the retail sale of marijuana for recreational use.

Amendment 64 grants local governments the rights to regulate retail marijuana establishment operations, provided said regulations are at least as restrictive as state law. Additionally, Amendment 64 authorizes local governments to prohibit (i.e., ban) retail marijuana establishments. At the same time, Amendment 64 also grants local governments the rights to adopt only those regulations required by state laws (i.e., unregulated by the local government). Essentially, the passage of Amendment 64 establishes a wide spectrum of options for a local government to consider ranging from a prohibition on the operation of retail establishments to regulating the operation the minimum extent allowed by state law.

Currently, the Town of Vail has no adopted policy on the operation of retail marijuana establishments. Instead, a moratorium has been placed on the operation of retail marijuana establishments in Vail pending the outcome of a larger, community-wide policy discussion.

On March 18th, the Town Council instructed the Town staff to form a Recreational Marijuana Working Group containing 12-15 diverse, community stakeholder members. The goal of the Working Group is to assist in gathering relevant and pertinent information on the topic of retail marijuana sales and to create a set of policy options for the Town Council’s consideration. The Working Group has no decision making authority in the final outcome on this issue.

The next Working Group meeting is scheduled for June 11, 2014 and will be held in the Community Room of the Vail Public Library fron Noon to 1:30pm.

Working Group Documents & Information:

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George Ruther

Shelley Bellm
Office Manager

Carolyn Godfrey
Administrative Assistant

Danielle Couch
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