Annual Trees for Vail Giveaway June 15-19

  • 15 June 2020
Annual Trees for Vail Giveaway June 15-19

Note: All available trees and shrubs have been taken. Thanks for your participation.
The Town of Vail is sponsoring the distribution and giveaway of 100 native trees and shrubs as part of the annual Trees for Vail program. Beginning Monday, June 15, Vail residents or property owners who show proof of Vail residency will be eligible to pick up a free one-gallon tree or native shrub. The trees will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis and will be limited to one tree per household.  

The tree and shrub giveaway will be taking place in front of the Community Development Building at 75 S. Frontage Road from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday and will continue through Friday, June 15 or until all the trees are gone.

The town’s environmental sustainability office is organizing the event. This year the giveaway is focused on native species to the area. This includes chokecherry, Woods’ rose, wax currant, serviceberry, big sagebrush, blue spruce, Douglas fir and Engelmann spruce.

Planting native trees in Vail will replace those that have been lost over the years to insect infestation by the mountain pine beetle and needle scale. Other benefits include enhancing air and water quality, reducing carbon emissions and improving habitat in Vail with species native to our mountain region. 

In order to maintain social distance, Vail residents wishing to pick up a tree or shrub are asked to park at the Community Development lot and call Pete Wadden, the town’s watershed education coordinator, at 970-479-2144, with what species of tree or shrub they would like. If available, that plant will be delivered to their vehicle.






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